An Unusual Wedding in ‘Corazón Valiente’

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Samantha's wedding to Willy on "Corazón Valiente" breaks several traditions, but it is the perfect fit for their personalities. The bride and groom still make the ceremony a beautiful expression of their love. The telenovela makes the couple the focus of the wedding.

The Bride Wears a Pantsuit.

Samantha decides against wearing a traditional bridal gown for her wedding to Willy. Instead, she selects a crisp white pantsuit with black detailing. Black zippers on the pockets and black trim around the edges of the jacket make the outfit differ from the usual white pantsuit. Samantha also selects a black top to wear under the jacket that contrasts well with the outfit. Willy also selects a white suit that matches Samantha's outfit.

It is not surprising to see "Corazón Valiente" avoid a traditional gown for Samantha's character. As a bodyguard who breaks many stereotypes, she is not likely to choose lace and bows for a ceremony. The white pantsuit is a good representation of her strong character.

An Outdoor Wedding

Samantha and Willy choose to have an outdoor wedding that also fits their personalities. They are both free spirits who do not want to conform to the standards of their families. The couple decides to limit the invitation list to their dog and a priest. The actual ceremony is on a boat with a bright day as the only backdrop or decoration.

Again, "Corazón Valiente" makes the right decision by avoiding a pretentious ceremony with a long list of guests. The wedding focuses on the couple's love instead of becoming a materialistic nightmare. Willy and Samantha do not need the approval of their friends or families to get married.

The Vows

The couple decides to ignore the traditional vows that the priest encourages them to use. Instead, Willy and Samantha make their own vows. Willy promises to love his future wife and stop philandering. He swears that he will not look at any other women, even if they are wearing miniskirts, and he will remain loyal to Samantha. She vows to keep him safe and to love him. Samantha also makes it clear that she will not tolerate any cheating.

Infidelity has been one of the couple's main problems, so it is not shocking to see "Corazón Valiente" mention it in the vows. Willy's habit of chasing every woman he sees almost destroyed their relationship. Now, the telenovela seems to be setting up the possibility of another incident happening in the future.

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