USA Network’s ‘Suits’: Top 10 Donna Quotes of Season 1

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Donna (Sarah Rafferty) from "Suits" is one of the best characters you'll see on any television show. She is bitingly funny, always entertaining, and capable of being serious when need be. Best of all, she knows how to kick Louis (Rick Hoffman) in the you-know-what with words alone. She also knows how to keep Harvey (Gabriel Macht) in line with a single head tilt. Here are some of her best quotes from Season 1.

"I think I owe you one for that. That was fun." (to Harvey, in "Bail Out")

Sometimes Donna loves sticking it to Louis, and this was one of the best examples of that. She cries fake tears to make Louis feel bad about trading a favor to Harvey for her secretarial services. She gets Louis good, and he practically runs away.

"How was dinner with the antichrist?" (to Harvey, in "Rules of the Game")

Harvey is forced to have dinner with his old boss, Cameron Dennis (Gary Cole), a man he now despises. Donna apparently shares his feelings for the man.

"Because I use skim milk, I can put whipped cream and sugar in it." (to Mike, in "Undefeated")

Donna feels that whipped cream, sugar, and whole milk are over the top. So skim milk fixes everything.

"We should barf." (in "Dog Fight")

Rachel (Meghan Markle) is having problems and needs a drink. The problem is that one drink is not enough. Rachel and Donna count up how many drinks they should have until Donna decides they simply need to drink enough to cause their bodies to repel the alcohol back from whence it came.

"I didn't want you to have performance anxiety.. about the case!" (to Harvey, in "Play the Man")

There is a longer exchange between Donna and Harvey, rich with innuendo about Harvey's romantic involvement with a competing lawyer of the opposite sex. Donna truly enjoys messing with Harvey when it comes to his relationships.

"That tennis-playing douchebag Travis Tanner's on the phone." (in "Undefeated")

Donna doesn't care much for Travis (Eric Close).

"That man bleeds Pearson-Hartman. He's probably wearing Pearson-Hartman underwear right now." (to Mike, in "Undefeated")

Donna loves messing with Louis, but she also knows how loyal he is to the firm. When Mike (Patrick J. Adams) accuses Louis of being a traitor, she has to set him straight.

"The computers don't run themselves … at least until Skynet goes active." (to Mike, in "Undefeated")

There are plenty of sci-fi references in "Suits," and this gem from "Terminator" is one of the best.

"I know you meant that as a compliment, but I don't appreciate limits being placed on my beauty" (in "Bail Out")

When Ray (Anand Rajaram) says, "You are so beautiful when you're forceful," Donna can't let it slide without a nice dose of sarcasm.

"We've been married for the last seven years."

One of the best Donna quotes of Season 1 was in the pilot episode. She has all of Harvey's needs taken care of, including marriage. This is a joke of course, but they would make the perfect married couple if it weren't for Harvey's sleeping around.

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