What if USA's 'Suits'/'Covert Affairs' Crossover Was Real?

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USA has a long history of promoting its original programming with commercials that feature characters from different shows interacting with one another in humorous situations. The latest network promo features Donna from "Suits" chatting about shoes, intelligence gathering, and relationships with Annie from "Covert Affairs." Starting July 16, "Covert Affairs" and "Suits" will air back-to-back.

Annie and Donna had great chemistry in this promo, and plenty of USA viewers are wondering what a full-length crossover between "Suits" and "Covert Affairs" might look like. The promo really highlighted some of the similarities between the two shows, particularly the way that both shows rely on spying and intelligence to save the day.

"Suits" and "Covert Affairs" could easily feature a crossover event, particularly since the shows will be airing back-to-back. If that scheduling sticks for future seasons, a crossover would be easy for fans to get invested in. High-powered lawyers and CIA operatives could easily share a storyline, particularly if it involved a large government contractor that has been involved in some questionable practices in a warzone.

"Covert Affairs" isn't the only USA original series that could make for a compelling crossover with "Suits." A natural pairing would be "Royal Pains," the medical dramedy set in the Hamptons. This crossover would let fans see straight-laced characters like Harvey and Louis adopt a more summery, beach-friendly look that would please and amuse fans in equal measure.

"Suits" could also crossover with "Graceland," USA's newest original offering. The series features DEA agents (along with other federal agents). Perhaps Mike and Trevor's drug-dealing past could catch up to them, and the two would need to work with the "Graceland" cast to bring down a big drug ring in order to get immunity. All the while, Mike would need to hide his education background... or lack thereof. The two shows take place on opposite sides of the country, but anything is possible.

"Necessary Roughness" revolves around a "tough love" therapist who services professional athletes. Given Harvey's love of sports and stable of athletic clients, a crossover story between "Suits" and "Necessary Roughness" practically writes itself. Plus, Dr. Dani Santino could give Rachel and Mike some advice that might make their relationship more stable.

Without question, the "Suits" crossover proposition that gets fans most excited would be with "White Collar." Both shows take place in New York, and both shows feature handsome, charismatic men in stunning suits. Master con artist Neal Caffrey could undoubtedly provide Mike Ross with some tips for keeping up his Harvard ruse.

None of these crossovers are likely to come to fruition unless fans are vocal about wanting them to happen. Here's hoping USA's execs are open to the idea. A crossover could be a ratings smash for both "Suits" and whatever show it gets paired with.

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