'The Vampire Diaries' recap: Elena becomes 'The Rager'

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"The Vampire Diaries" episode "The Rager" gives us an Elena who struggles to control her urges to feed and kill. With Rebekah on the psycho warpath, Klaus back in town, and vampire hunter Connor threatening everyone in sight, we viewers found our own rage building along with Elena's.

Now, in Season 4 of "The Vampire Diaries," it seems ludicrous for Elena to still be attending high school (especially with 23-year-old Nina Dobrev in the part), but the show persists in having an excuse for social events and classroom bullying. Rebekah's latest mission is to make Elena's life at school miserable, even stabbing her with a pencil and sending a bleeding student into the bathroom with her to tempt Elena's bloodlust.

Meanwhile, Connor is stalking the halls of the school and violently threatens Matt to fess up about the bite marks on his wrist. Elena's ex isn't about to share that she's been using him for lunch, so he drops Rebekah's name instead. Sure, the pouty blonde original tried to apologize, but it's hard to forgive someone who caused your near-death-by-drowning.

Connor also confronts Jeremy, telling him that only fellow hunters can see the invisible tattoo on his arm. He offers to train the young Gilbert in the ways of vampire-killing. Then he heads to the hospital to attack Tyler, extracting some of his venom to test in his home lab.

Stefan's answer to Elena's hair-trigger emotions is to try to get her to enjoy her newfound vampirism. He talks her into attending Rebekah's house party to let off steam, but he ends up having to stop his raging girlfriend from killing their hostess with the last white oak stake she borrowed from Damon. Stefan wisely decides it's time to bail, but not before Elena drinks some werewolf blood Connor spiked the beer with.

Klaus breezes back into town to provide bodyguards for his coveted hybrid Tyler. The good news is that Klaus' blood helps save Elena from the werewolf poison. The bad news is that he figures out that Tyler may have had an affair with another werewolf. We all know where that information will end up, considering Klaus' feelings for Caroline.

Damon takes Klaus along to hunt down Connor, using Jeremy and Dr. Meredith to lure him to the hospital. Catching him in one of his own bomb-triggered booby traps, the two vamps try to find out more about the mysterious hunter. Klaus recognizes the symbols Connor uses and calls him "one of the five." When the hunter tries to blow them all up, Damon leaps free of the danger, and Klaus saves Connor from the blast.

Turns out that the man with the tattoo has no idea what his own history is, but Klaus does. And Klaus lets him know that he's got some serious value, which is probably not good news for Connor.

Throughout the episode, Elena struggles with feelings for and memories of Damon. In the end, she readily accepts Damon's offer to help her through her transition. At the same time, Stefan confesses to Caroline that he's afraid that enjoying too much of Elena's new thrill-seeking will cause him to slip into ripper mode again. Caroline offers to help him stay in control.

Things could get bloody for Elena in the next episode, and another question remains: Will Klaus save Rebekah, who also got a dose of werewolf poison at her party?

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