'The Vampire Diaries' Season 3 finale recap, Season 4 preview: A new vampire in town

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The Season 3 finale of "Vampire Diaries" left viewers stunned. T here were twists, confusing plot lines, and plenty of bloody thrills. M ost importantly, though, it opened the door for what should be a fascinating Season 4.

Hot vampire love

" Vampire Diaries " is the story of two brothers, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder), who share a mutual love for Elena (Nina Dobrev) in Mystic Falls, Virginia: A place filled with gorgeous people and scenery.

When it comes to endings, this one left fans talking for months, with the biggest shockers being that Elena chose Stefan over Damon, and she is now a vampire!

Head-spinning drama

The episode opens in a flashback and continued on from past to present, which made for head-spinning scenes. You practically needed a scorecard when Bonnie switched bodies between Tyler and Klaus, and when Elena was going from one scene to another, including reliving her parent's car crash.

Meanwhile, Rebekah causes Matt's truck to plunge off a bridge, trapping him and Elena underwater. Stefan tried to save them both, but Elena motioned for him to rescue Matt, and she ends up drowning. It's difficult to understand why Stefan would save him and not his dream girl.

Doomed for destruction?

Esther, who used witchcraft to turn Alaric into the ultimate vampire hunter, also linked his existence to Elena's, making it impossible to die, as long as she was alive. Elena's demise now means Alaric is a goner, but not before he took a stake to Klaus' heart. With Klaus dead, this sent everyone into panic mode, because they too may be doomed for destruction.

A new vamp in town

In the upcoming season, fans can expect to see Elena dealing with the trauma of waking up from the accident and realizing she is a vampire -- and more tension between Damon and Stefan, as they help Elena adjust to her life of the living dead. A new villain hits town, which will no doubt bring more terrifying scenarios to Mystic Falls.

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