'Vegas' is in danger of cancellation and deserves a Season 2: Here's why

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'Vegas' is in danger of cancellation and deserves a Season 2: Here's why

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Sheriff Lamb investigates the murder of a dentist who appears to have been killed because of his gambling …

Is "Vegas" about to roll snake eyes before the end of the season? As Metacritic pointed out in February, the period drama has good viewership, but not in the key age demographics. CBS recently bumped the show for two weeks to give newcomer "Golden Boy" a chance to build an audience before moving to its normal Friday evening slot.

There's a lot to love about "Vegas" -- and what happens there doesn't have to stay there if more people start watching. Here's the scoop on the storyline and the players.

Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis add real star power

Best known for movie roles ("Footloose," "The Right Stuff"), Dennis Quaid slips into the Sherriff Ralph Lamb character with incredible ease. Lamb is based on a real-life lawman who protected the people of Sin City during the early 1960s. A complicated character, Lamb values justice and family above everything else and works with his brother and son on a daily basis.

As mobster Vincent Savino, Michael Chiklis plays Lamb's opposite half. Also a family man, Savino has been working in Vegas on behalf of the Chicago mob. Savino thinks the city needs to grow, but his bosses don't share his vision. Vincent is estranged from his wife, who controls when he can see his daughters.

Sheriff Lamb and the mobster clash all the time, but most confrontations are battles of wits and words. At one point, Lamb -- who is nobody's fool -- meets with Savino outside a cornfield where the mob buries its victims. A cool Lamb informs his counterpart that he knows what Savino is up to and, at some point, he will be going to jail.

Sarah Jones and Jason O'Mara: Two exiled Fox TV stars hook up in "Vegas"

Last season, Sarah Jones starred as Detective Rebecca Madsen, a woman investigating time-jumping inmates in the weekly drama "Alcatraz." Paired with the always entertaining Jorge Garcia, Jones was tough-as-nails when dealing with youthful convicts who should have been in their 70s or 80s.

Before "Alcatraz" debuted, Jason O'Mara had a lead role in "Terra Nova," a show about a dismal future and a promising past. O'Mara and his family went through a one-way time portal to the distant past to build a new life and a better tomorrow. Highly ambitious, this show didn't make it to mid-season.

Jones and O'Mara time-jumped to CBS and became the star-crossed lovers Mia Rizzo and Jack Lamb on "Vegas." Mia, whose father was highly connected in the Chicago mob, works for Savino as his casino count room manager. Cool and elegant, Mia even plays poker with a high-roller in one episode, but the stakes here are a night of passion in his hotel room.

Part cowboy and Boy Scout, Jack Lamb works for his brother in the Sheriff's department. Jack is drawn to Mia and the two begin a secret romance that confounds both Sheriff Lamb and Savino. O'Mara showed his acting chops recently in a story arc involving the death of Mia's father. Before the "Golden Boy" break, Jack finally came clean to Mia about what really happened to her dad.

Great supporting players add value to the series

As Dixon Lamb, Taylor Handley emerged as a valuable player on "Vegas." The son of Sherriff Lamb, Dixon works for his dad and became a real asset during murder investigations. Ralph is overprotective of his boy at times, though, which leads to friction between the two.

There were indications that Dixon would become romantically linked with secretary Yvonne Sanchez, a recurring role played by Aimee Garcia. Sanchez interacted with the Lamb family in most episodes, but she has been off the radar for a few weeks while Dixon runs around with other pretty girls. Yvonne's bantering with Dixon is totally priceless and should not be missed.

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