'Vegas' recap: 'Exposure' exposes Cold War fears, other secrets

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'Vegas' recap: 'Exposure' exposes Cold War fears, other secrets

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Jack Lamb (Jason O'Mara) and Mia Rizzo (Sarah Jones) feel a spark every time they meet.

When "Vegas" takes full advantage of its period setting, the stories are exceptionally good. "Exposure," the latest episode, makes good use of the Cold War in a tale about a military conspiracy.

The show typically opens with a dead body, and the producers don't disappoint viewers this week. Ralph Lamb (Dennis Quaid) and his brother Jack (Jason O'Mara) must investigate the murder of a military doctor named Edward Dozier. Ralph examines the body and determines that a hollow point bullet was used to kill the man.

A trail of leaking oil leads to the doctor's car and a potential suspect, but for the Lamb brothers, it's all too neat and easy to be true. Ralph also runs afoul of Lt. Norman Kemp, a military investigator who doesn't have time for the novice sheriff. Learning about Lamb's background as an Army MP breaks the ice between the two men, however.

At the Savoy, Vincent Savino (Michael Chiklis) struggles to get the skim ready for his Chicago bosses. With Clark County auditors watching the money, Mia Rizzo (Sarah Jones) performs a quick-and-dirty raid on the cash boxes in a moving elevator. A copy of a receipt from one of the tables goes missing and sends Vincent into a slight panic.

Vincent also is up in arms over the appearance of singer Diane Desmond (Ivana Milicevic). Years earlier, the mobster had an affair with her in Cuba that led to a confrontation with wife Laura (Vinessa Shaw). Vincent tries to be a good husband, but his former mistress makes it difficult to concentrate.

Lt. Kemp, Ralph, and Jack dig deeper and learn more about radiation tests conducted on the base. Wearing suits created by a contractor, airmen have been exposed to high doses of radiation in a laboratory, but the suits prove ineffective. Dr. Dozier learned this fact when he performed an autopsy on one of the men.

At this point, Ralph and Kemp have enough evidence to arrest the military contractors, but they must get them off the base. Ralph and Jack then use an old-fashioned stampede trick to get the men to follow them into Clark County.

"Exposure" is another tightly written episode of this period police procedural. The closing minutes of "Vegas" this week also provide the biggest payout of the series thus far. While pouring himself some Scotch (a gift from Savino), Ralph opens the case file about his deceased wife Marilyn. As the camera pans down, Ralph reads a death certificate and report that mentions an automobile accident and an unidentified driver.

Jack Lamb even makes some progress in his burgeoning relationship with Mia Rizzo. After weeks of banter, Mia finally softens, inviting the deputy to come back to the Savoy when she isn't working. Teasers like these make "Vegas" a good TV bet on Tuesdays.

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