'Vegas' recap: 'Road Trip' marks the end of the road for Johnny Rizzo

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'Vegas' recap: 'Road Trip' marks the end of the road for Johnny Rizzo

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Johnny Rizzo (Michael Wiseman) confronts Deputy Jack Lamb (Jason O'Mara) duirng "Road Trip"

Since its debut last fall, the period drama "Vegas" has used several recurring themes. "Road Trip," the latest episode, features the strongest theme: a father's relationship with his children.

While doing some "investigation" at a hotel swimming pool, Deputy Dixon Lamb (Taylor Handley) saves a young woman named Fay Binder (Lili Simmons) from drowning. Blood tests later reveal that Fay, a member of the family singing group known as the Teentastics, had actually been poisoned.

As Dixon continues his investigation, Vincent Savino (Michael Chiklis) gives Jack (Jason O'Mara) a head's up about Johnny Rizzo (Michael Wiseman). In the previous episode, Savino convinced the mobster that his daughter Mia (Sarah Jones) was giving information to the District Attorney's office. Rizzo, already upset about her love life, blamed Jack for Mia's supposed actions.

Back at the sheriff's office, Assistant District Attorney Katherine O'Connell (Carrie-Anne Moss) offers a deal to the enigmatic Mr. Jones (Damon Herriman). O'Connell tells the Milwaukee mob enforcer that he is going to the gas chamber for shooting a deputy. She is willing to offer him life in prison, however, if he turns state's evidence.

The ever-agreeable Jones will talk, but only if the ADA takes him to the dentist to get his loose teeth fixed. The enforcer has more than good oral hygiene in mind, though, and uses his shiny new braces to break out of his handcuffs.

After a frustrating phone call to his daughters, Savino takes a road trip into the desert with his crew to buy stolen electronic slot machines, a new innovation for Vegas. The radiator boils over in the heat, however, and the three men hike for miles without benefit of shade or water. A father and daughter take pity on the men, but Savino scares the little girl when he flashes a gun.

While investigating a call to the sheriff's office, Jack is abducted by Rizzo. The Chicago mobster uses a cattle prod on the deputy, but Jack convinces him that Mia is innocent of any wrongdoing. Just when Rizzo is going to dispose of Jack once and for all, Deputy Lamb kills his abductor in self-defense.

In town, Dixon has been investigating the Fay Binder poisoning. The young lawman discovers that Fay herself was responsible for the poisoning. Her family, it seems, was going to cut her lose from the Teentastics because she was getting too old, so she planned to make her sister too sick to sing lead vocals.

Returning to the city, Savino and his guys encounter a hitchhiking Mr. Jones. After beating him bloody, Savino tells the enforcer that he now works for him.

The duties of fatherhood dominate "Road Trip," an episode that appears to set the stage for an explosive season finale. Jack killed Johnny Rizzo, but he may or may not admit this to Mia. Rizzo's death and Jack's forbidden relationship with his daughter could rip the entire city wide open as the season continues.

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