'Vegas' recap: Vincent Savino shows an interest in going legitimate during 'Solid Citizens'

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'Vegas' recap: Vincent Savino shows an interest in going legitimate during 'Solid Citizens'

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Vincent Savino's wife, Laura (Vinessa Shaw), arrives in Las Vegas to support him in his new business …

Michael Chiklis peels back another layer of his Vincent Savino character during "Solid Citizens," the latest episode of "Vegas." Although Savino appears to clean up his act merely to impress a local banker, the Chicago mobster actually has a genuine interest in becoming a legitimate businessman.

That interest arrives in the person of his wife, Laura (Vinessa Shaw). The husband and wife talk about the arrangement they have: Vincent makes regular trips to see her and the children, and in return, Laura doesn't see the messy end of his work. Savino wants his wife to move to Vegas, though, so he can fulfill a long overdue promise to go straight.

Savino also gets word that Mr. Jones (Damon Herriman), a Milwaukee enforcer, has arrived in town looking for the missing Davey Cornaro. Jones wants the "sandwich" (payoff) that Cornaro was supposed to deliver back East. Savino and his crew plan to leave Cornaro's car at the airport to fool Jones, but a mechanic must put it back together first.

While trouble brews at the casino, Mayor Ted Bennett (Michael O'Neill) encourages Ralph Lamb (Dennis Quaid) to officially run for sheriff. Bennett likes the job that Lamb has done thus far, but Ralph doesn't want to run for public office.

Lamb also must deal with the kidnapping of Tim Ludlow (Phoenix List), son of contractor Milton Ludlow (Greg Grunberg). The elder Ludlow serves on the gaming commission, and Ralph thinks that someone wants Milton's vote on a gaming license. A hot lead brings the Lamb brothers to a motel and a shootout with Wade Ullom, a former security guard at the Dunes.

Ullom recently cashed a $20,000 check from slots parlor owner Gus Wilson (Jim Ortlieb). Ullom promised Wilson that he could get Ludlow's vote for a gaming license. Ullom's partner in crime, Andy Meacham (Todd Grinnell), is also Tim's uncle.

Andy pressured Milton to vote in favor of Wilson's license, but when he didn't, the casino owner wanted his money back. Andy had already spent the bribe, so he arranged the kidnapping scheme to raise enough money to pay back Wilson.

Masquerading as Meacham, Ralph brings the ransom money to the kidnappers. Thanks to the sharpshooting skills of brother Jack (Jason O'Mara), Ralph retrieves Tim and brings him back to his parents.

Savino's ruse with Cornaro's car fools Jones, who heads to Los Angeles in search of the missing man. The mobster also is ready to close on the Tumbleweed and, at the same time, convinces his wife to move to Nevada. Laura makes Vincent promise to be completely honest with her from now on, though.

"Solid Citizens" shows another side of Vincent Savino while exploring the paternal side of Ralph Lamb. The sheriff goes ballistic when young Tim is kidnapped. He also makes son Dixon (Taylor Handley) stay at the office to keep him out of the line of fire.

By the end of the episode, Lamb and Savino have a face-to-face meeting on the edge of a cornfield. Lamb knows that the mobster is responsible for Cornaro's death, and it's only a matter of time before he can prove it. These two men are definitely headed for an explosive confrontation.

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