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"The View" kicked the week off with a bang by discussing infidelity during "Hot Topics." This would have been a great topic to save for "Guy Day Friday" instead; nonetheless, the ladies had strong and varied opinions on the who, what, where, when, why, and how of cheating. The conversation focused on a Woman's Day Magazine article written by Jenna Birch. As the co-hosts have a range of relationship experiences, the roundup was quite interesting.

The magazine article is based on a recent Rutgers study. It seems that "56 percent of men who cheat claim to be happy in their marriages." Of course with an all-female posse, the talk show discussion centered on men as cheaters. As Barbara Walters pointed out, however, you can get a study to say almost anything.

Happily married Sherri Shepherd talked about rumors that there's a great deal of sexy business behind the scenes of "Dancing With The Stars." The former dance contestant explained that the only thing that kept her from getting sexual was her wedding ring. We think that she was only half joking. Most women who cheat feel "lonely" and "disconnected." Walters, head journalist in charge and grande dame of the coffee clutch, made a point of adding that almost as many women cheat as men.

Whoopi Goldberg, resident single-living advocate, always has unique insights in these conversations. We generally know that Joy Behar will make a joke about her hubbie Steve and Elisabeth Hasselbeck will comment on what Tim had better not do. Whoopi, on the other hand, tries to examine adultery from all sides of the issue.

Whoopi claimed that for some people, sex is just an itch that needs to be scratched or "an envelope for your letter." We've never heard it put quite that way! She also touted the pros of legalizing prostitution for just such purposes.

The WD article also says that women's affairs are more dangerous than men's. Women are looking for more emotional satisfaction. This is a bigger threat to a loving relationship than a physical dalliance. The official love coach advice is to decide what the deal-breakers are with one's spouse upfront.

Later in the episode, Alanis Morissette gave the show energy with her performance. The other guest was actress Madeleine Stowe from ABC's "Revenge." The day's spicy topics also included Brad Pitt's controversial Chanel commercial and Chevy Chase's use of the n-word. The "View" crew then discussed Joaquin Phoenix calling the race for the Academy Awards "total bulls--t." His big film this year was "The Master."

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