Vinny gets 'Jersey Shore' spin-off: Why his new show will work

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It looks like another "Jersey Shore" star is getting a spin-off. Following in the footsteps of Pauly, Snooki, and JWoww, Vinny will appear in a new series on MTV after "Jersey Shore" wraps up its final season. The series, which is titled "The Show With Vinny," will follow the star as he moves back in with his mom. However, this won't be your typical reality show. According to Vinny himself, the show is essentially a talk show, but instead of him sitting in a desk in a big studio, he will invite celebrities into his home. Can this new concept work? Here are a few reasons why "Jersey Shore" fans, and new viewers, should give this new series a chance.

It's an original concept

Let's face it: There have been so many talk shows that it's hard to imagine anything new coming along. However, Vinny and his creative team deserve a lot of credit for doing something different. This seems like the perfect hybrid of a reality show and a talk show. Instead of employing old-school talk show staples like skits and monologues, Vinny will provide an inside look at his own life that should satisfy the itch of reality show fans. Meanwhile, the idea of including celebrity guests sets this apart from other reality shows, most notably the spin-offs of his "Jersey Shore" co-stars. It's hard to picture exactly how the show will work, but that only makes it more intriguing.

Vinny's family is funny

Throughout the different "Jersey Shore" seasons, fans have seen a few glimpses of Vinny's large family. His mom has been the most visible of the bunch, and Vinny has already said that she will figure prominently in the new show. Nino, his outgoing uncle, will also make regular appearances. However, the real fun lies in seeing the rest of his clan stopping by. Some of the best scenes on "Jersey Shore" involved dinner at Vinny's house or when his family showed up to celebrate his birthday. Fans even got to see some of his relatives that still live in Italy. If those few scenes are any indication, the family dynamic on this show will be a ton of fun.

Major guest stars promised already

Reality shows don't often feature major guest stars, but that obviously won't apply to this show. Vinny has already promised major guest stars, though he hasn't said who those people will be. There are plenty of possibilities. Could movie stars drop by to promote their new films? Will musicians visit the home to jam with Vinny? Those are two safe options, and it should be a lot of fun to see how the stars interact with Vinny and his family. In addition, there is always the possibility of other "Jersey Shore" stars appearing on the show. It's not too hard to picture Pauly joining his best friend for a celebrity interview.
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