'The Voice': Most memorable judging moments

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One of the most highly anticipated competition reality shows is back! "The Voice" returned to NBC with a bang last night. The new audition episodes aren't over either. The three-night premiere will continue tonight and September 12.

The past two seasons have delivered outstanding vocal and musical performances, laughs, surprises, as well as emotional and sometimes controversial battles, not only among singers but between the judges!

Here are the top five most memorable judging moments from "The Voice."

Jesse Campbell's and Jordis Unga's early eliminations

If ever a superstar hit the stage during the first two seasons, it was Jesse Campbell. The preacher's son with a heartbreaking and inspiring back story had a gorgeous voice and dynamic stage presence. Adam Levine called him "the one to beat."

However, during a surprise instant elimination, coach Christina sent Campbell packing while Team Blake made the very poor decision to cut Jordis Unga, another excellent singer and fan favorite. Unga said she was "sad but understood."

It's good that someone did because not many viewers shared her sentiment. These were two most untimely eliminations.

Ashley De La Rosa elimination and Christina's tears

After Ashley De La Rosa was saved in the previous week, she sang Lady Gaga's "You and I" to which Adam Levine responded: "I didn't believe, and then I believed... because you set the bar so high with a lot of your performances. This was not my favorite of them. I still would say I'd keep you around. You're amazing."

But it was not meant to be. After plenty of tears, Christina said, "Ashley, you are a dynamo on stage, and you've come so far. Always, I have to go with what's in my heart." And with those words, Ashley was heading home. You could sense this was not an easy decision and that Christina's crying was real.

Blake Shelton's words of love

When wife Miranda Lambert joined runner-up Dia Frampton on stage for a stunning version of "The House That Built Me," the normally composed and sharp-tongued Blake Shelton was visibly shaken. While choking up during his critique to Dia, he said, "You're family to me now, and I love you."

It was beautiful and came straight from the heart of a loving husband and coach.

"He's white!"

After Boston native James Massone finished belting out Drake's "Find Your Love," the judges were obviously not expecting to see a cute, fresh-faced white guy when they turned around in their giant red chairs.

When Xtina screamed out "You got soul!" she perfectly captured what many people were already thinking, but the winner was Adam's innocent comment, which got huge laughs: "He's white!"

Christina and Adam duke it out

Christina and Adam know how to keep a program entertaining. With snide comments and sharp claws out, it's diva vs. pop-rock boy.

The most memorable encounter took place during the Final 4 episode of Season 2. After Christina called Tony Lucca's version of Jay Z's "99 Problems" "good fun" but "derogatory toward women," Adam fired back: "It's called a metaphor … we're not referring to women; we're referring to everything." Touche!

Never one to put up with any sassy lip, Aguilera flung back a doozy: "If that's how you have to get points." Ouch!

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