'The Voice' Season 3 blind auditions night 1 recap: Devyn Deloera, Bryan Keith, Gracia Harrison rock the house

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On September 10, "The Voice" kicked off Season 3 with the first night of blind auditions. With the announcement that the celebrity coaches may have an opportunity to "steal" players from opposite teams in later rounds, this night felt like a high-stakes poker game.

Team Adam Levine lands two good prospects

Bryan Keith, the son of Ray De La Paz of the Spanish Harlem Orchestra, earned the first four chair turn of Season 3. Keith, who says he wants to make it on his own talents, sang the Bruno Mars song "It Will Rain." Though CeeLo Green said Keith's voice had all the qualities that he identifies with, the young singer went with Levine.

Singing "Gives You Hell," Joe Kirkland was coveted by both Shelton and Levine. Shelton spent a good portion of the evening watching Levine's reactions, punching his button a second or two after his rival in many cases. In the end, Kirkland became the second member of Team Adam.

Team Blake Shelton takes an aggressive stance

Shelton drew first blood by acquiring Terry McDermott for his team. Hailing from Scotland, McDermott showed his rock 'n' roll pipes on The Who's "Baba O'Riley." "I think you and I could win this if you just got up there and talked," Shelton enthused.

Singing "I Want to Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart," Gracia Harrison turned the chairs and heads of three coaches right away. "You are by far the best country singer we've had on the show," Levine said. With a country singer as her coach, Harrison, who also yodeled, could become the breakout performer of the season.

Team Cee Lo Green makes careful choices

Returning for the second time, Daniel Rosa landed on Team Cee Lo thanks to his performance of "Somebody That I Used to Know." Saying that all he wanted to do last season was give him a hug, Levine ran out to embrace Rosa, who became the first member of Cee Lo's team.

Trevin Hunter rounded out Team Cee Lo by singing "Listen." Three coaches turned around, but Levine just sat and listened carefully. "I think I am just scared of the three of you," he said.

Team Christina Aguilera lands two solid female singers

Though her outfits are risqué, Aguilera played her cards close to her chest on the first night. The singer landed a solid performer in De'Borah, who delivered with Train's "Hey, Soul Sister." De'Borah has energy, talent, and the overwhelming support of her minister parents.

Devyn Deloera went for broke by singing Aguilera's "Ain't No Other Man." The sole female coach waited for a bit before turning her chair. "Hats off to you," Aguilera said after the performance. Deloera became another key player for Team Christina.

Voices to listen for in Season 4

Honoring the memory of his late father, 16-year-old Garrett Gardner sang "Have You Ever Seen the Rain," but no chairs turned during his performance. "What I heard was lack of control," Shelton explained. Levine left Gardner with words of encouragement, so it would be great to see the young singer come back next season.

Anita Antoinette sang "No Woman, No Cry," but Levine said that she needed to bring the song, not just sing it. "I needed to feel it in my bones," he said. Antoinette asked to sing the song a second time acapella, which earned praise and encouragement to come back next season.

Jessica Sharpe sang her heart out on "Son of a Preacher Man," but Aguilera said she wanted a magical moment to happen. With no turned chairs, Sharpe could be the greatest missed opportunity for the coaches in Season 3.

Blind auditions for Season 3 of "The Voice" continue tonight, 9/11, at 8PM ET.

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