'The Walking Dead': Andrea is group's Achilles' heel

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Andrea's early meetings with The Governor solidified her as one of the weakest characters on "The Walking Dead." Either the zombie apocalypse caused her to psychologically digress or she never grew up from her teenage years. The character portrayed by Laurie Holden is too easy to take advantage of and too difficult to protect.

Her opposition

Andrea has had run-ins with Dale, Rick, and Lori. She does not like Rick because he institutes rules and makes decisions for the group. Dale took her gun away on the farm and caused "Blondie" to believe he was trying to control her like a daughter instead of realizing he was trying to keep her safe. Lori symbolizes submissive behavior in women, and Andrea does not want to be submissive to anyone.

Andrea is a moth

While in Woodbury, Andrea showed signs of being attracted to the freedom promised by The Governor. This is reflective of how she was drawn to Shane when he was considering leaving the group to deal with survival on his own. Apparently, anyone who can give the perception of freedom without rules can draw her like a moth to a light.

Digressed or never grew up

Many teenagers find themselves attracted to people or organizations who offer freedom. This is done to revolt against figures -- such as parents, the police, and teachers -- who symbolize rules and forced structure. Growing children do not want to be bogged down by rules and order as they still want to feel the perceived freedom they had when they were in elementary school. Andrea shows the signs of someone who has either mentally digressed to her teen years or someone who never completely grew up. Since all of the people who knew her when she was young are dead, there is no way of telling for sure which actually happened.

Dangers ahead

This type of behavior is dangerous for Rick and his group of survivors. If Andrea returns to the group, the former officer will have to convince her how he offers her freedom by keeping her alive and how the rules he passes establish an order similar to what they experienced in society. At the same time, he has to worry about her following anyone who opposes his power.

At the current point in the show, she is the Achilles heel of the group. She is the weak point that will lead The Governor and residents of Woodbury to the survivors and the prison. Ultimately, anyone who dies at the prison will spill blood on her hands. In the long run, it would be better for the group for Andrea to die now than to live through another day of making the wrong decisions.

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