'The Walking Dead': Importance of Michonne's inner voice

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Fans of the comic version of "The Walking Dead" are eagerly awaiting Michonne next season. In the comic, fans originally became concerned about the character when she was portrayed holding a conversation with someone who was not there. This is an important aspect of Michonne's character and should be kept in the show. Be advised that if you have not read the comic book, the following may include spoilers for the show.

Portrayal of speaking to nobody

Occasionally, Michonne is portrayed speaking into thin air and having a conversation with a voice apparently in her head. She is caught doing this by a few different characters, but she does her best to cover it up. In the comic, the character appears to be insane, and readers could easily worry that she might be on the verge of a nervous breakdown or should not be trusted.


Rick approaches Michonne about her "inner voice" after the two ran into each other again after the escape from the prison. Michonne explained that the voice in her head was nothing to actually worry about. She pretended to talk to her boyfriend who was killed early on in the zombie apocalypse. She said it was a way for her to hold on to normalcy. At this point, Rick had been hearing Lori's voice (even though she was dead) on a disconnected phone and could relate to his companion's imaginary friend.


It is important for the characters to reveal attempts to regain normalcy in the "new world." Some characters, such as Lori, continue to do the everyday washing of clothes and preparation of food to hold on to what used to be. Daryl hunts in the woods and tries to separate himself from the rest of the group to keep himself grounded to a few aspects of his former life. Rick has tried to act like a father and asserted his training in dealing with catastrophes.

For Michonne, attempting to speak to her former boyfriend is her way of creating a state of normalcy. It defines who her character is since she was someone who had to adapt from everyday life to wandering in the woods while zombies are stalking her. She had to learn how to do the impossible, and the only way she could hold onto who she was came through speaking to the voice she created in her head.

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