'The Walking Dead': Who should kill The Governor?

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There is a buzz in the comic book world about The Governor coming to TV version of "The Walking Dead." One of the topics argued about is who should kill the leader of Woodbury. While the creators could end up having anyone kill the character, there are some who would be more fitting than others.

A Woodbury survivor

In the comics, The Governor was killed by one of the Woodbury survivors and then tossed to the zombies. The woman who killed The Governor had shot and killed Lori and the baby during the raid on the prison. She was distraught over killing a mother and baby, and took her frustration out on her leader. According to the text, readers are led to understand that the Woodbury survivors never knew they might have to kill young children or unarmed adults. It was fitting how the hated character would die at the hands of the characters he promised to "protect."


One of the greatest mistakes made by a character in the comic book version of "The Walking Dead" was Michonne's decision to keep The Governor alive after she got revenge on him for raping and beating her. The torture the sword-wielding character committed on her captor was one of the most graphic series of acts every portrayed in a mainstream comic. If she had killed him instead of allowing him to live with the pain and memories, the raid on the prison would probably never have happened. It would be fitting for Robert Kirkman to allow her to make the correct decision on the show and take The Governor's life.


Even though Andrea was not kept as a prisoner in Woodbury in the comic, fans know how she is present in the town with Michonne in the upcoming season due to pictures and preview videos. The creators of the show have done a good job to make Lori and Andrea polar opposites, and it would be a further step for the latter to kill The Governor. It would be a switch from the comic and would help to strengthen her character.


Fans are waiting for Lori to die as she is the most hated character to this point on the show. Her belief that women should be in the kitchen or folding the laundry instead of protecting an encampment enrages other characters and viewers. There are most likely fans who are hoping The Governor will put them out of the misery that Rick's wife caused, and it would be an interesting swerve to have her kill the man who would torment Rick to the grave.

Note the suggestion was never made about Rick killing The Governor. In the comic and on the show, Rick would be the most logical choice, but killing the leader of Woodbury would not advance or swerve Rick's character in any way. If fans have learned anything from the first two seasons of "The Walking Dead," it should be to never expect the obvious outcome.

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