'The Walking Dead': Most expendable characters in Season 3

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Glen Mazzara, the lead voice behind the TV version of "The Walking Dead," has promised more deaths in Season 3 of the show. Since Rick is the star of the show, and Carl is his reason for living, we can rest assured these two characters are safe for now. There are characters, though, that are much more expendable than others who could easily make their final bow, or shamble, in the third season. These are the most expendable characters on the show.


During the episode of "Talking Dead" following Dale's death, the creators of "The Walking Dead" explained how Hershel was originally going to die in the episode, but was spared at the last moment. In the comic, he is shot and killed by the Governor during the final raid on the prison. To this point, Jim and Amy were to only two characters to die in the same way as in the comic. If Mazzara and Robert Kirkman decide to kill off another in the same way as in print, Hershel is most likely to die near the end of the third season.


Like Hershel, Lori dies during the final raid on the prison. Since Rick's drive has been centered more on Carl than on Lori, the creators behind the TV version of "The Walking Dead" have taken the same steps Kirkman did in the comic by providing the thought of Carl being more important to Rick than anyone. Now that Shane is out of the picture, Lori is alone at the top of the list of survivors fans want to see killed off.


As of the end of Season 2, there was a relationship budding between Carol and Daryl. Fans have been led to believe Carol is the first person ever to show appreciation to Daryl or to make him feel important. This budding relationship right now is the shoestring she is holding on to. If the feelings between the two was to be cast aside, she will have less of an impact on the overall show and would be worthy of being cast aside, as well. Her death could also make enough of an impact right now on Daryl to help fans explore his character even more.

Beth Greene

Beth's most noticeable moment was when she attempted to kill herself and appears to have taken on the qualities of depression in place of the depression shown in the characters Carol and Maggie in the comics. In the print version, Carol attempts suicide and is later successful, so it would be fitting for this ending for a character to show up on TV. To this point, there is not a strong connection with another character holding her on the show outside of the father/daughter relationship with Hershel. Though the depth of this connection between the two has never been explored.


T-Dog is a fan favorite because he is the only longest-running character to not be explored. Granted, he had his heart-to-heart talk with Dale when the others were looking for Sophia, but the exposition was nothing when compared to the exploration of the other characters that are still left from the camp outside of Atlanta or certain characters from the farm, such as Hershel and Maggie. His character has never been allowed to make an impact and could be killed off without directly altering any other character or relationship.

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