'The Walking Dead': Possible roles for Tyreese

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Fans of the comic book version of "The Walking Dead" were excited to see the first appearance of fan-favorite Tyreese on the TV version of the franchise. There are many roles that this character can step into on the horror series, and these are the most likely positions that Tyreese will fill.

Conscious of the group

During Tyreese's first appearance on the zombie apocalypse show, it was determined that the character had still been able to hold onto his humanity and think clearly with everything going on. He would not leave a fellow survivor behind and was able to calm his daughter down when Carl locked them away from main group. Even though Hershel has attempted to have a voice or reason, the group has had a void go unfilled since Dale died.


Obviously, Tyreese can add muscle to the group. In the comic, he was able to clear the prison basketball court of zombies without assistance. In the comics, the large man is a former football player and was known for tackling a zombie or two. Only the creators of the TV version of "The Walking Dead" will know if he will be as tough on the small screen as he was in the comics, but Rick does need all the help he can get with the impending attacks that should be expected from The Governor and the residents of Woodbury.

Rick's shoulder

Rick confided in Tyreese in the comics, and the main character obviously needs someone to talk to right now. To this point, Rick has only been able to have heart-to-heart talks with Carl, but the two have not been able to make a connection since leaving Hershel's farm. If the former deputy is going to become grounded before the raids by The Governor, he needs someone to talk to about his issues.

Rick's right-hand man

Tyreese often worked closely with Rick and was often delegated important jobs in the print version of "The Walking Dead." Fans won't know what will happen with Daryl until the second half of the season commences, so there might be an empty pair of shoes to fill if the country boy does not make it out of Woodbury alive.

On a side note, fans of the comic will probably hope that Tyreese will last longer on TV than he did in the comics. While in print, he had a run that spanned almost the entire time in the prison, he was killed by The Governor to prove the lengths that Woodbury residents would go in order to overtake the prison. Hopefully, fans can at least get a season or two out of one of the best characters in the comic.

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