'The Walking Dead' Season 3 premiere has its ups and downs: Recap

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The Season 3 premiere of "The Walking Dead" gave fans many exciting, positive moments, which will keep fans tuning in over the next few weeks. But there were also particular letdowns that should have been avoided, causing concern due to certain aspects of the show which were overlooked. Here's a look at what went right and what was a letdown.

Advancement to the future

Since Lori is showing a significant baby bump, and Hershel has a thick beard he did not have before, fans have to assume the creators of "The Walking Dead" resumed the story a few months after the Season 2 finale. While the struggle for food remained, the characters had come up with intriguing ways to create silencers for their weapons and new types of weapons (such as T-Dog's spear). This showed how the pressure of being on the run can make people more creative.

Clearing the prison yard

The creators of "The Walking Dead" could easily have dragged the clearing of the prison yard over two or three episodes, but chose to keep the raid secluded to a matter of minutes. The few scenes still included white-knuckling action without appearing too easy for the survivors. Fans of the show who are also fans of the comic might have expected the characters to enter the prison in the second or third episode to follow the storyline from the printed pages, but the creators gave a swift raid without compromising logic.

Is Hershel next?

Fans of the franchise know that there is a chance for any character to die at any time. Since Hershel was bitten at the end of the Season 3 premiere, fans who have not read the comics might believe the old veterinarian will be the next casualty. When Rick chopped off his friend's foreleg, comic readers probably instantly made the connection with how Dale lasted for many issues after having his leg partially amputated by the leader of the group. Only time will tell us about the fate of Mr. Green.


Near the middle of the episode, an on-screen list showed Greg Nicotero's favorite walkers so far. Fans who have become interested in the make-up artist's work might have been disappointed with how the list was only shown for a few seconds during the cut between the show and commercials. I am a fast reader, but I was only able to read the first three titles of the dozens on the screen. By only having the list on the screen for a few seconds, AMC and the creators appeared as having made a critical error in editing.

Andrea and Michonne

Andrea and Michonne were only on screen for a few minutes, and this reduced the importance of their part in the overall story of "The Walking Dead." IronE Singleton (T-Dog) is now listed in the credits as a secondary character and was on screen for more time than the wandering pair of women. Main characters should not be reduced to a few minutes in such an important episode. Hopefully, this was a one-time choice, and the two most interesting women in the franchise will have a greater share of the limelight.

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