'The Walking Dead': Upcoming July Marathon Has Something for Everyone

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The upcoming marathon of "The Walking Dead" brings a long list of extras to lure new fans and keep current fans eager for the new season. There is even something special for fans of the comic book series. While channels will do everything they can to push their top shows, AMC is taking extra steps to ensure that Season 3 of the show gains a stronger following. July 7 and 8, 2012, can't come fast enough.

The Marathon

All 19 episodes from each season will be shown twice during the marathon. More fans jumped on with the show during the second season, and this gives the newer fans a chance to catch up. Fans who left the show during the first season can catch up on all of the episodes they missed after they parted ways with the story. New fans who want to learn about what all this zombie stuff is about can see the show from the beginning for the first time.

Interviews and Extras

A special edition of "Talking Dead" will give fans a glimpse into the new season and show some of the sets fans have been waiting to see and intermittent interviews shown throughout the marathon will draw fans in. Each one of these clips will encourage fans that they need to watch the new season and will draw them closer into the show. I had a film professor in college who often discussed the extras placed on DVDs and used to say that "The more you know about a movie, the closer you become to it. Fans of movies like 'Star Wars' do everything they can to learn everything they can because they feed upon their closeness to the movie." The creators of "The Walking Dead" and AMC are trying to create the same feeding frenzy with the upcoming marathon.

Black and White

There will be a special presentation of the pilot shown in black and white. This is a special treat for fans of the black and white comic book series that kicked off our fascination with Rick Grimes and the walkers. Fans of "Night of the Living Dead" will also find enjoyment with this special presentation as it will give "The Walking Dead" the same type of feel as the grandfather of all zombie movies. The walkers might even appear more terrifying in black and white than they do in color. AMC is pulling out all of the stops and should be commended for remembering everyone in the upcoming marathon.

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