'The Walking Dead': Why Tyreese's absence is important

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In the pages of the comic book version of "The Walking Dead," Tyreese quickly became a fan favorite. The most important aspect of the character was how he became close friends with Rick and gave the main character someone to confide in. Without Tyreese in the picture, Robert Kirkman has forced himself to pursue Rick's inner-self through relationships with other figures. It has also forced a redistribution of importance to the other survivors.

New right-hand man

Tyreese was Rick's right-hand man from joining the group after the exodus from Hershel's farm until his death at the hands of the Governor. Shane and Hershel have had to take up more responsibilities on the show with the absence of Rick's best friend from the printed version or the property. Due to the special edition of "Talking Dead" during the July marathon, it has been assumed that Daryl will now be stepping up to take over Shane's role in assisting Rick in the everyday protection and running of the group.


Without Tyreese around, Kirkman has had to explore Rick's character through extra discussions with Hershel and Dale. While both of these characters played important roles in the comics, they became more crucial to the show due to their conversations with the leader of the group. With Dale out of the picture, fans can only speculate as to who Rick will get closer to in the upcoming episodes.


Rick and Carl have had more heartfelt discussions on the show than during the run up to the prison in the comics. This has helped to develop the relationship between the father and son, and has made Carl into a stronger, and more important, addition to the group than he was up to the prison portion of the comics. These conversations have put more of a focus on the importance of Rick as a father, which (according to the comics) will become more important as time goes on.


Tyreese was the greatest fighter in the group at his time and was able to fend off as many as 10 zombies at one time. To make the group's survival more realistic, there needed to be a great fighter to help protect the others. Daryl was thrown into that role and it has made him one of the most beloved survivors on the show. While the country boy might not have the melee fight prowess of the former football player, he makes up with his prowess with his crossbow.

During the first two seasons of the show, I heard many fans of "The Walking Dead" complain at comic book stores and conventions about Tyreese not being on the show. He might be introduced at some point in the future, but his absence has helped to develop other characters. There might still be a place for the favored character sometime in the future for fans to look forward to.

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