Watch 'The Daily Show' Fake Obama Ad 'It Could Have Been Worse' (Video)

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If Barack Obama's message makers ever run out of ideas for selling their guy to a country fed up with the economic downturn, they should consider turning to the folks at "The Daily Show."

In a fake campaign ad called "Hope and Change 2 - Barack Obama: It Could Have Been Worse," Jon Stewart's team has cooked up a dozy of a message for the president -- at least we didn't have a zombie apocalypse.

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The spot, narrated by Larry David, sums it up by saying, ""Are you better off than you were four years ago? Of course not, but think of how f***ed you could have been."

As David notes, the earth avoided being hit by an that's a plus.

"As a president he's been pretty, pretty...not as bad as he could have been," David says.

"The Daily Show" performed a similar service to Republican nominee Mitt Romney last week with a biographical spot entitled "Mitt Romney: A Human Being Who Built That."


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Hope and Change 2 - Barack Obama: It Could Have Been Worse
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