Watch the first trailer of Showtime's 2013 dramas 'Masters of Sex' and 'Ray Donovan'

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Just when we were thinking there were going to be a lot of open spots in our TV watching lineup well into next year now that the new seasons of "The Walking Dead," "Sons of Anarchy," and "Boardwalk Empire" have ended -- and "Dexter" and "Homeland" are soon to follow -- Showtime has released a joint trailer for its upcoming dramas "Masters of Sex" and "Ray Donovan," and both look promising.

First up in the clip: "Masters of Sex," about real-life human sexuality education pioneers William Masters and Virginia Johnson. Michael Sheen (in his first lead television role) and Lizzy Caplan ("Party Down") play the onetime marrieds, who went from scientists at Washington University in St. Louis to world-famous scientists and frequent guests on Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show" thanks to their sex research.

The show, based on Thomas Maier's book "Masters of Sex: The Life and Times of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, the Couple Who Taught America How to Love," will also star Emmy winners Beau Bridges and Margo Martindale ("Justified").

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Titillating as the "Masters of Sex" may be with its subject matter, "Ray Donovan" looks like the must-see series of the two. Liev Schreiber makes his debut as a lead TV actor in the role of the titular character, who does "the dirty work for L.A.'s top power players" (think George Clooney in "Michael Clayton").

Elliott Gould will guest-star as Ray's client and mentor, Paula Malcomson ("Deadwood" and "Sons of Anarchy") plays his unhappy wife, and Jon Voight plays Ray's dad, whose release from prison sparks a violent reaction from Ray and threats to steer clear of their family.

Showtime hasn't announced specific premiere dates for either series, but they sound like great contenders for Showtime's Sunday night schedule.

Are either of them likely to end up on your DVR list?

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