Weird, Wonderful Facts About 'The Office' Star John Krasinski

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Almost as soon as "The Office" premiered, star John Krasinski was a fan favorite. As half of "The Office" power couple Jim and Pam, Krasinski has been the emotional and comedic heart of the series for the length of its run on NBC. As the date of the series finale draws closer, it's time to learn a bit more about the actor who brought Jim Halpert to life. Here are some interesting facts about John Krasinski.

1. His middle name is Burke.

John Krasinski was born October 20, 1979, and has two older brothers who are named Kevin and Paul.

2. Stanley Tucci is his brother-in-law.

Krasinski is married to British beauty Emily Blunt, star of films like "The Young Victoria" and "The Adjustment Bureau." Emily's sister, Felicity, is a literary agent. Felicity got married to Stanley Tucci in 2012. That means that Jim from "The Office" is brother-in-law to Caesar Flickerman from "The Hunger Games."

3. He was almost a Marvel superhero!

John Krasinski was one of the frontrunners for the role of Captain America in Marvel's Phase One series of films. If Krasinski had won the role, he would have played Cap in both "The Avengers" and "Captain America." Unfortunately for him, the role ultimately went to Chris Evans. Had Krasinski won the role, he would have appeared alongside his future brother-in-law, since Stanley Tucci played Dr. Erskine in "Captain America."

4. Krasinski owes a lot to Conan.

Back in 2000, Krasinski worked as a script intern on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien." Interestingly enough, Krasinski's future "The Office" co-star Mindy Kaling also interned for Conan.

5. But he owes even more to B.J. Novak.

According to People, John Krasinski may owe his entire acting career to his "The Office" co-star B.J. Novak. The two both attended the same Massachusetts high school, and Krasinski acted in a play that Novak wrote.

"I think John started acting as a direct result of my casting him in the senior show," Novak once said. "So technically, he has me to thank for all of [his success], right?"

6. His voice is arguably more famous than his face.

While he might make female fans swoon with his roguish good looks and soulful eyes, his voice is the real moneymaker. Krasinski has done numerous commercial voiceovers for major companies, and also narrates the show "Head Games" on the Discovery Channel.

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