Where is Nikki Newman on 'The Young and the Restless'?

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If you are like most fans of "The Young and the Restless," then you have to be wondering where Nikki Newman is. Nikki has not been seen on the show since she was being admitted to rehab. The only thing we are hearing in the show is a few phone calls to Victoria from Nikki. Are there any plans to bring Nikki back on the show? Most people love the story line between Nikki and Victor, but some were getting tired of the breakups. They are a little too old to be running back and forth. Seems like the older grandparents need to be better role models.

The show has made a lot of changes, some for the better. Bringing in new cast members was a definite plus. It is also important for long-time "Young and the Restless" fans to keep seeing the old faces that they grew to love over the years. Young people may watch the show between college classes, but the long-time faithful are those who've loved Nikki and Victor Newman.

Nikki needs an upgrade to her role; maybe give her something meaningful to do. When she was actually working on screen her character was more interesting. Just as Kay Chancellor has aged with the show and will always be a public icon, it is the same for Nikki. Kay at her age still has life to her character with her going back and forth with Tucker. Fans need to see Nikki back clean and sober with a purpose. Her character should have never got mixed up with Deacon Sharp -- that was a bad move. It took away from her character. Most long-time viewers felt that the role the two had together was really highly unlikely to happen. If the show wants to get rid of a character, why not start with Deacon Sharp? He is just one of those people who has you wondering why he is still on the show.

For now, fans are hoping that Nikki will soon make her reappearance on the show. If they want a new, improved Nikki, then cut or dye her hair. The fans don't care, just bring back Nikki Newman. Oh, and no, Genie Francis, who is now playing Genevieve Atkinson, is not a replacement for Nikki Newman. Fans have had enough of crazy women with Victor.

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