Where to now, Walter White? Predictions for Season 5 of 'Breaking Bad'

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"Breaking Bad" has certainly hit the ground running this season. However, for all that it has cleared up in regard to some of last season's mysteries, it has also raised some new questions that make for some fascinating speculation about what will transpire in the final season of this breathtaking and daring drama.

Walt will rise

As it stands right now, it really seems that Walt is on the way toward rising to the position now vacated by Gus. With his notorious ruthless streak and his uncanny brain, Walt has everything it takes to become an even more successful drug lord than his predecessor. Indeed, from what we have seen so far, that seems like exactly what he is going to do, no matter who or what he has to crush in order to get there. It certainly seems like Walt has moved beyond merely providing for his family, and has entered into a very dangerous and deadly game, that may cost him his soul.

Walt will fall

On the flip side, the old adage speaks true: Pride comes before a fall, and Walter is nothing if not proud. As he has shown time and again, he knows the value of his own intelligence and cunning, and it may be his sureness of himself that ultimately leads to his downfall. As the beginning vignette of the premiere showed us, he is going to be on the run. Although he remains assured of his own immortality, something will ultimately be responsible for his fall, and what a spectacular (and spectacularly devastating) fall it will be for this man who has, against all the odds, managed to come out on top.

Skyler will be the wild card

Skyler, as always, is something of a wild card, and she often raises more questions than she answers. Indeed, it seems entirely possible that she will be the one responsible for Walt's fall, either because of her growing fear of him, or more likely, because she sees him as a potential danger to their children. For all that she may still love Walt (and that's always been unclear), there can be no doubt that she loves her children more. It just remains to be seen how far she will go to ensure their safety.

Clearly, there is a lot more to come in the 15 remaining episodes in the final season of "Breaking Bad." For all of the uncertainty, one thing is for sure, they will not disappoint.

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