Where the stars of ‘Private Practice’ should go next

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"Private Practice" is about to close up shop for good. The "Grey's Anatomy" spin-off starring Kate Walsh has been canceled, following a shortened 13-episode run this season, according to Deadline.

In a statement, executive producer Shonda Rhimes said, "There was a lot of discussion and debate, but in the end, the guys at the network and the studio and I all decided that 'Private Practice' was reaching its finish line." She called the end of the show "heartbreaking."

With Kate Walsh's previously announced departure from the series, it's no shock that the show won't go on without her lead character, Addison Montgomery. But it certainly could have. Fans of the medical drama are used to the characters dropping like flies.

Tim Daly's popular character, Pete Wilder, was killed off at the beginning of this season, less than two years after fans mourned the untimely death of Dell (Chris Lowe). And Audra McDonald's character, Naomi Bennett, rode off into the sunset at the end of Season 4. (Don't feel too sad for McDonald; Broadway awaited.)

So how will the character of Addison Montgomery go out? Rhimes told TV Guide, "She's definitely not going to die…I feel like I have been on the world's longest journey with this character. She started out on 'Grey's Anatomy' as somebody a lot of people hated. We watched her evolve into someone people really loved. And we also watched her evolve as a woman. To me, that character deserves a happy ending."

What about the rest of the cast?

Benjamin Bratt

While his "PP" role as Jake Reilly will be no more, actor Benjamin Bratt has a pretty good backup gig. He's had a recurring role on ABC's "Modern Family" as the deadbeat biological dad of Manny (Rico Rodriguez). It may be time for the sitcom's producers to schedule more impromptu visits from Javier Delgado!

Paul Adelstein and KaDee Strickland

As "Private Practice's" resident pediatrician, Cooper Freedman, Paul Adelstein's character encountered many difficult situations. But with the announcement that Dr. Freedman's wife, Charlotte King, is expecting triplets, we're thinking that warrants a spin-off for Adelstein and his co-star KaDee Strickland. Seriously, these two having triplets? Their new show would have to be a comedy, though!

Of course, Strickland may have other ideas. The actress told Glamour she's "obsessed" with the AMC series, "Breaking Bad." "There's nothing greater to me than that show!" she said. "A lot of us feel that way at 'Private Practice,' and in fact, we've had a lot of their cast on our show." Perhaps "Breaking Bad" will return the favor?

Taye Diggs

Will he go back to his Broadway roots? Actor Taye Diggs enjoyed an extended TV run as the character of Dr. Sam Bennett on "Private Practice," but his true love may be the theater. (That's where he first met his TV wife, McDonald, and his real life wife, Tony Award winner Idina Menzel!) Or perhaps he'll be coming soon to a concert venue near you.

Diggs told Theatermania of a recent solo concert he performed in San Francisco: "My first challenge was to do a concert by myself, kind of cabaret style, and I got through that. Now I'm adding the element of movement, because I haven't seen many people do that kind of thing on their own with the band behind them and then also move. So I'm mixing a little bit of Sammy Davis Jr. with a little bit of Usher and a little bit of I don't know. I'm hoping that I will enjoy the idea of being on stage alone a little bit more once I move."

Amy Brenneman

The character of psychiatrist Violet Turner has been through the wringer on "Private Practice." In real life, actress Amy Brenneman battled a health scare that had her taking stock of her own life. So will the end of "Private Practice" signal this talented actress's hiatus from the TV series routine?

While she too has a love for theater -- earlier this year she appeared in the off-Broadway play "Rapture Blister Burn" -- it would be a surprise if we didn't see her on TV again soon. During a recent Twitter chat, the actress tweeted that she would love to do a crossover episode with "Modern Family." Yes, we can think of a few "Modern Family" members who could use Vi's services!

Kate Walsh

While she's walking away from the role that made her famous, with any luck you may see her reprise her role of Addison Montgomery someday. It just won't be on "Private Practice."

While Walsh told E Online that she plans to take some time off, she added, "There's always that possibility" that she could pop up on "Grey's Anatomy" again in the future. "I'm open to anything," she said. "I'm ready for my next chapter, but never close the door."

And Shonda Rhimes told TV Guide, "Before 'Grey's Anatomy' itself ends forever, will I go back to Kate and say, 'Put back on your Addison shoes and come on over'? Absolutely! But God knows when that will be."

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