Why '666 Park Avenue' will soon face cancellation

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ABC had huge plans for "666 Park Avenue" to fill the void of smart, spooky TV that would entice men via sexuality. At the same time, it was hoped that the show would mark an ABC presence in the reemerging horror TV market being dominated by "The Walking Dead" and "American Horror Story." The show was marketed incorrectly and the storyline drawn out. More than likely, the show will face cancellation very soon.

The horror TV market

The horror TV market is a difficult one for the networks to gain a foothold on due to the stricter self-imposed regulations basic TV channels have to follow. In the 21st century, the horror industry has pushed the boundaries of gore, and graphic torture and death. Popular movies such as the "Saw" series have helped to further desensitize viewers. "666 Park Avenue" could not go to some of the extremes that AMC has gone to with "The Walking Dead" and FX with "American Horror Story" because of these regulations, and so "666 Park Avenue" seems watered-down in comparison.

Not tight enough

"666 Park Avenue" should have kept a tighter balance of introducing new mysteries and answering the viewers' questions at the same time. Shows such as "Lost" and "The X-Files" were known for having a strong enough balance to keep viewers coming back every week. Instead, the soon-to-be-canceled "666" allowed for more questions than it answered, and inundated viewers with more mysteries than overall storyline.

A mini-series?

The story should have been compacted and run as a mini-series instead of a full show. If there had been enough interest once the "666 Park Avenue" mini-series had made its run, the network could order episodes. A three- or four-week run might have been enough to complete the storyline and give fans the opportunity to get involved without feeling bogged-down by another complicated new show.


ABC has not been promoting a replacement for "666 Park Avenue," so it would be safe to assume that there is nothing on deck that would allow the show to be canceled right away. According to TV By the Numbers, ABC ordered 13 episodes, so it would make sense for the network to air what it has purchased before axing the show. There is still plenty of time to start promoting a replacement before the year closes out.

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