Why AMC's 'The Walking Dead' Website Extras are a Great Idea

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AMC gives an unprecedented amount of website extras for fans of "The Walking Dead." This is not only a great thing for fans, this is great for the show as a whole. The extra material helps to keep current fans satiated, while continuing to cause new people to take a first look at the show.

Before the first episode of "The Walking Dead" aired, eager fans were given some behind-the-scenes footage to sink their teeth into. There were interviews, the zombie walk lessons and makeup snippets that gave us a look into what went into the show. Once the season began, AMC continued to post more and more to interact with the fans and bring them closer to the show. In the time leading up to the new season, AMC has done even more to keep us happy.

We just got over a rough summer for everyone involved with "The Walking Dead." The budget cuts, Frank Darabont's firing and months of speculation have taken a toll on everyone. The extra footage allows fans to get a release from all of this stress and remember why it is that they tune into the show. It helps to bring them closer to the actors, the creators, the characters, and the overall process of making the show.

In the early days of laser discs (those big record-like discs that paved the way for DVDs), studios realized that people loved behind-the-scenes documentaries, commentaries and deleted scenes. Today, almost every DVD and Blu-Ray on the market has at least a few of these. In many cases, people will not buy these forms of media unless they can get extra features. The AMC website delivers these extra features for us every week. Not only do these extras keep the fans happy, they also open the eyes of potential viewers of the show. Whenever new features come out on the website, a slew of horror sites will post links or give commentary about them. Many of these new viewers are amazed by the amount of extras and decide to give the show a try based on the amount of extra material that they can see.

The only negative is that many of the extra features on the DVD were already seen beforehand by fans through the website. Some fans were upset that there was not enough new stuff to keep them happy. While some might think that all of the extras are too much, remember that you can simply not visit the site if you believe that you are being inundated. You are not required to watch any of the extras to be a fan.

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