Why a 'Castle' Christmas episode is fitting now

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"Castle" fans should rejoice about the upcoming Christmas episode. It is fitting that the creators of the show decided to have the first yuletide episode during this season. Also, Andrew Marlowe, the mastermind behind the show, has let some information about the episode out of the bag to get Caskett fans interested in what will happen very soon.

What is known

The cast of "Castle" will be celebrating the holidays together, and Rick and Kate will have an interesting time dealing with the other's traditions. The often-strained relationship between Esposito and Lanie will be explored. When asked about the possibility of Ryan and his wife having a baby, Marlowe stated, "We certainly plant some seeds about that in the Christmas episode." Also, fans were advised not to watch the episode with children who believe in Santa, so it could be assumed that someone in a Santa suit will be axed.

Why now?

Since Rick and Kate are finally together, it would make sense to have them celebrate the holidays together. Fans need to see how they live their new life together and celebrating something in December is an American tradition that would be missed if not explored on the show eventually. The first holiday season together is something that sticks out in the minds of couples or new parents, so a Christmas episode on "Castle" will tie fans into the show and bring them closer to the characters they have grown to care about.


While Rick and Kate are both relatable characters, they both have aspects that make them distant to the average viewer. By continuing to hold onto his childhood for the first four seasons, the writer discouraged the fans who knew he needed to grow up in order to have a chance with Kate. The detective had walls set up to keep everyone out, and fans knew she needed to take these walls down to finally have a life with Rick. The Christmas episode will help to humanize the characters even more and reveal how they have both developed and matured in the ways they needed to in order to be together.

Who is missing?

It should be noted how Captain Victoria Gates, Martha, and Alexis were not mentioned in Marlowe's explanation of the upcoming Christmas episode of "Castle." Could Castle's family continue to fade into the background as Kate becomes more important to him? Will Captain Gates be present in the episode? She has been absent throughout most of her time on the show and might only make a quick appearance to remind fans she is there. Remember, Christmas is about having everyone around, so hopefully the writers on "Castle" can find moments for everyone.

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