Why Fox's 'The Mob Doctor' will face early cancellation

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"The Mob Doctor" on Fox is already being p redicted for cancellation . The lack of promotion and the narrow storyline have led to the show into undesirable territory. Fox's mistakes handling "The Mob Doctor" will likely result with the new weak link being snuffed out..


Grace Devlin is a surgical resident who made a deal with the Mob in an attempt to save her brother's life. In return, she has to work off his debts to the organized crime boss. In the first episode, she realizes the repayment of the debt does not simply involve monetary payment but committing murder, as well. The story follows her as she gains the protection from a retired mobster and attempts to keep her family safe from the revengeful criminals.

Narrow storyline

By looking at the premise of the show, fans could easily wonder how long Devlin could run from the Mob. The premise suggests a story that could hold strong for one season, and then would have to be spread along at a snail's pace to stretch through future seasons. Viewers are not likely to get behind a show that does not appear to have long-standing potential. The first episode alone told a story that appeared to be set better for a movie or mini-series, not a full-season show.

No room this season

Traditionally top network channels will begin to promote their upcoming shows months ahead of time, but this did not happen for "The Mob Doctor." New showsm such as "Revolution," "666 Park Avenue," "Last Resort," and "Nashville," were featured in previews and articles throughout the late spring and summer, and the appropriate networks were able to get perspective fans buzzing well before their premieres. Genre shows such as "Beauty and the Beast" and "Arrow" were the focus of blogs and fan forums, while "The New Normal" made headlines by being a LGBT-friendly show and igniting controversy from opposing groups. Fox failed by not taking the initiative to get people talking.

The ratings

The premiere episode of "The Mob Doctor" was only watched by 5.11 million viewers, which is unusually low for a series premiere on a major network. Roughly 1.26 million viewers dropped off before the second episode, which had a total of only 3.85 million viewers. If the show is still on the air after the fourth episode, Fox will have to figure out how to increase viewership during the three-week hiatus the show will be on before the fifth episode on Nov. 5. Honestly, it might be easier to just make the show "disappear."

"The Mob Doctor" appears to be the first new show to be dumped over the side of a bridge with cement shoes this season. The greatest failure of "The Mob Doctor" was how it appeared as a filler show 20 minutes into the series premiere, which clearly did not have support from the network.

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