Why Juan Pablo Galavis Shouldn't Listen to the Advice of Past 'Bachelor' Stars

Juan Pablo, if you're listening: Don't take any advice from alums of the ABC dating franchise.

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If Juan Pablo Galavis really wants to find a wife, perhaps he should steer clear of alums of "The Bachelor" franchise. Because while we're sure the 32-year-old Venezuelan soccer player and newly announced "Bachelor" star would appreciate any tips he can get before he embarks on his journey to find love, the show's track record isn't exactly rosy.

With 26 seasons in the can, the long-running reality romance series has only produced three weddings, and that's being generous. (Season 14 star Jason Mesnick dumped his final pick, but he eventually married his season's runner-up.) Still, it's no surprise the alums from the franchise are sending the show's newest star plenty of unsolicited advice, even if their own season didn't end happily ever after.

After her season of "The Bachelorette" concluded, Emily Maynard was briefly engaged to her final pick, Jef Holm, but the pair broke up a few months later. The still-single mom told E! News that for Juan Pablo's season, he should keep his 4-year-old daughter, Camila, in the forefront of his mind, but she also added, "If I could give Juan Pablo any advice, it would be to drink lots of coffee, because you're not going to get much sleep, and ask lots of questions. Based on their answers, follow your gut." (Hmm, we're wondering if she followed hers!)

Last season's "Bachelor" star Sean Lowe is a one-woman man -- he's still engaged to Catherine Giudici -- but he told OK! magazine that Juan Pablo should enjoy spending time with his 25 girlfriends. "Forget about the cameras and the exotic dates and have fun with the woman -- or women -- you're with," he said. (Great advice, but a dream date with all the trimmings certainly doesn't hurt!)

And Desiree Hartsock didn't dig Juan Pablo enough to even give him a one-on-one date (OK, maybe she didn't want to string the sweet single dad along, considering she was already in love with Chris... and Brooks), but during a conference call with reporters, she gushed about the soccer stud's greatness before offering him a few words of advice: "I would just tell him to stay open and to really follow his heart and honestly take time out to reflect on his own feelings. There's a lot of emotions to deal with, so I hope he can stay grounded and really find the love of his life, because he does deserve it." Yes, this from a girl who nearly threw the towel in during the fantasy-suite dates.

One more person Juan Pablo should probably tune out -- as much as possible, anyway -- is Chris Harrison. "The Bachelor" host often gives his two cents when he shouldn't and is always the bearer of bad news when someone on the show displays questionable behavior. But shouldn't the show's star figure this stuff out for himself? For Juan Pablo's season, Harrison should stick to clinking glasses and pointing out the "final rose of the night," because he doesn't always get it right. Last season he told TV Guide that Sean Lowe let the "love of his life go" when he sent one girl packing after the hometown dates. That girl turned out to be Desiree, and today Sean and Des are both engaged -- to different people!

"The Bachelor" Season 18 premieres in January on ABC. 

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