Why 'Last Man Standing' will face cancellation

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"Last Man Standing" made news recently by making some cast changes and when ABC decided to place the show on Fridays in the fall. These changes will not be enough to increase viewership or even hold the current viewership totals. Fans of the show should be very surprised if the show makes it through 2012 without facing cancellation.

Seen it all before

In "Last Man Standing," Tim Allen plays a similar character to his Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor role on "Home Improvement." He is a guy who tries to hold on to as much testosterone as possible and attempts to prove himself as a "man's man" at every opportunity. He goes up against a sensible wife who believes it would be better if he would relax and try to enjoy the more cultural aspects of life, or at least be less narrow-minded about "unmanly" things. During the first season run of the show, the ratings dropped by half as more and more viewers realized they had seen most of the show's formula once before.

Changing Kristin

The executives at ABC decided it would be a strong move for the show to recast the part of Kristin. The eldest daughter on the show will now be played by Amanda Fuller instead of Alexandra Krosney. Instead of recasting the part, the creators should have given the character some character. Eve, the youngest daughter, is a tomboy who attempts to do everything to stay on her father's good side from good grades to taking an interest in the same things he likes. The middle child, Mandy, is a girly-girl who would rather shop than study. She is a caricature of a modern high school girl, but at least she has character.

The creators of "Last Man Standing" tried to give a little more strength to Kristin by having her date Kyle, her father's coworker, but that only lasted a few episodes before the concept disappeared from the show. They failed at making Kristin a relatable character by giving her few comedic lines and even less of an opportunity to show her originality. As per usual, though, actors have to pay for the mistakes of the creators.

Friday move

Shows rarely improve in the ratings after a move unless the move is to one of the prime weekday slots. What is worse is how "Last Man Standing" is being paired with Reba McEntire's new shot "Malibu Country." The preview ABC has placed online makes the new show seem bland and boring. The only programs saving Friday night for ABC will be "Shark Tank" and "What Would You Do?" The first primetime hour of the evening is more mush than meat. The changes ABC made to "Last Man Standing" are a strong indication that this show will be history after the 2012-2013 season, if not sooner.

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