Why 'Rules of Engagement' Is Likely to Be Canceled by CBS

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Why 'Rules of Engagement' Is Likely to Be Canceled by CBS

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"Rules of Engagement"

Relationship sitcom "Rules of Engagement" is now in its seventh season, but it could be the show's last. TV By the Numbers has listed "Rules of Engagement" as likely to be canceled. The CBS show is doing OK with ratings, but there are several other reasons for the show's possible demise.

'Rules of Engagement' has always been expendable

The CBS show has only had one full fall season. Every season before and after has been a midseason replacement with an average of 13 episodes. This means the show aired before, after, or between other more important shows. When a new series got the boot on CBS, such as "The New Adventures of Old Christine" and "$#*! My Dad Says," the network would toss "Rules of Engagement" in its place. Other show's failures have kept the sitcom alive, but it won't last forever.

Constant time-slot jumping confuses viewers

Over the years, the ratings for "Rules of Engagement" have dropped. The drop hasn't been enough to cancel the show, but it could still prove to CBS that the comedy isn't doing well enough to keep. The problem isn't necessary the show itself, but because CBS constantly changes its time slot. The sitcom has jumped time slots nearly every season, and sometimes even mid-season. The jump has often been the result of a show ending and "Rules of Engagement" taking its place. Viewers have no clue when the show airs, so why watch? Some probably have it on their DVRs and don't even know it.

CBS has no room for new sitcoms

CBS has already renewed several hour-long shows and 30-minute sitcoms. This means there is little room for new sitcoms -- but networks always air something new. Considering that "Rules of Engagement" has only had one full season means the likelihood of renewal is slim. CBS, at best, might keep it around as another midseason replacement if any new shows fail. Six seasons as a midseason replacement isn't a good record, and CBS might just give that job to a different sitcom.

'Rules of Engagement' would end on its 100th episode

Season 7 has 13 episodes -- an unlucky number. But add up all the episodes for all seven seasons and the final number equals 100. It is the perfect place to end a show. The series finale would celebrate 100 episodes, and everyone could say their goodbyes. Why wouldn't CBS take advantage of that momentous 100th episode to cancel the show on a reasonable high note?

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