Why Season 3 of ‘The Borgias’ could be the show’s swan song

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Fans of Showtime's period drama "The Borgias" aren't going to like this, but their favorite show is in trouble. There are many reasons to suspect that Season 3 of "The Borgias" (premiering this April) could be the show's last. Here are some reasons for fans to fear for the future of this show.

1. Period dramas are not Showtime's strong suit

"The Tudors" only lasted four seasons. And really, that's the only period drama Showtime has ever done (unless you count Showtime's old show "Leap Years," which featured regular flashbacks to 1993). The Showtime brand just doesn't invest much in period dramas, despite the fact that other networks have period dramas as their flagship programs.

2. The real-life reign of the Borgia Pope didn't last long

The Pope at the center of "The Borgias" is Alexander VI. He was only the Pope for about 11 years. Based on the timing of Lucrezia's relationship with Alfonso at the end of Season 2, it is around 1498 at the end of Season 2. That means there are only about five years of historical time left before the Pope's death.

3. Some of the actors might want to move on

Have you ever noticed that many British actors like to "jump ship" from their projects after just three years? Sure, there are exceptions like Hugh Laurie and Patrick Stewart, both of whom spent a long time on a single TV show. However, British actor Dan Stevens made headlines when he left "Downton Abbey" at the height of its popularity. How much longer until Holliday Grainger wants to move on and have her character written out of the show?

4. The Borgia clan is shrinking

At the end of Season 1, Gioffre Borgia was written out of the show. By the end of Season 2, Juan Borgia was dead. If this pattern holds, at least one Borgia child will be dead/written off of the show by the end of Season 3. The Borgias are a big family, but you can't have a show called "The Borgias" that only has one Borgia left.

5. Ratings were down last season

The ratings for Season 2 were down quite a bit from Season 1. If this trend in viewership continues, Showtime may ax the series due to low ratings.

6. Showtime has another Vatican-inspired show in the works

Later this year, Showtime will present "The Vatican," a contemporary thriller about religion, power, and politics. Can Showtime really hope to support two scripted dramas about the Catholic Church? Probably not.
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