Why 'The Walking Dead' webisodes don't deliver

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Fans of "The Walking Dead" will be getting an extra fix online of their favorite show again this season. Webisodes will air online under the title "Cold Storage" and will star Daniel Roebuck from "Lost." Hopefully this year's webisodes will not fall short like "Torn Apart" did last season. Webisodes are difficult to create and the creators of the previous "The Walking Dead" webisodes proved it.

Character development

Short webisodes place creators at a dangerous disadvantage when it comes to character development as it is very difficult to get fans interested in characters in a short amount of time. The "Torn Apart" webisodes ran roughly three minutes each and lacked character development due to the shortened storytelling time. Understanding the characters is one of the most important aspects of storytelling as people need to have to make a connection to at least one character to be drawn back for future stories.

"Torn Apart" characters

Since the creators of the "Torn Apart" webisodes did not have ample time for character development, fans were left following two-dimensional characters that appeared more like filler characters than substance. Viewers followed the story of a mother who wanted to protect her children, the cheating ex-husband who wants things the way they were, a few scared kids, and a neighbor who has given up fighting. There was not any meat for viewers to sink their teeth into as the characters appeared as cliche characters viewers could find in thousands of other stories.


Webisode stories can be difficult for some viewers to follow since each episode has to be packed with as much information as possible. This includes an attempt at character development and the development of a plot and surroundings. Viewers can feel rushed as they are sped through one webisode to the next. Important dialogue often has to be reduced to a sentence or two to make room for everything that needs to be seen or heard.

Story development in "Torn Apart"

Sacrificing plot timing was prevalent while watching "Torn Apart" and comparing it to "The Walking Dead." The webisodes had to compromise elongated tension to pack in as much information as three minutes would allow. "The Walking Dead" is still a horror story and needs tension times to make the shocking moments more profound. At the same time, viewers were forced to figure out what had been going on in the previous weeks in a sentence or two and were not able to see how these events impacted the characters. Development of the plot and surrounding almost always reverts back to character development and "Cold Storage" will need to perfect the formula attempted by "Torn Apart" to keep fans of "The Walking Dead" fully satiated.

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