Why Zenescope's Animated Grimm Fairy Tales Would Work on TV

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Zenescope Entertainment is working on building interest in an animated series based on their Grimm Fairy Tales comic book line. Right now, the show is in the proposal stage but has been gaining attention online. The market is wide open for a show based on the property right now for multiple reasons since the show combines multiple markets into one program.

The Comic

Grimm Fairy Tales brings the tales of the Brothers Grimm into the modern age. While the writers of the comic often change the content of the original stories, they stay true to the context by infusing blood, sexuality, and darkness in an attempt to teach a lesson about life. These books are not for children as they are geared toward a more mature crowd. The comics are very popular with collectors due to the impressive artwork, storytelling, and alternative covers, which can be purchased at various conventions around the country.

Comic Book-Based Market

With the success of "The Walking Dead," networks are trying to work with various comic book companies to release more comic-based TV shows. While Marvel and DC have the greatest chance of making the strongest impacts in the upcoming market, there is still room for the smaller comic book companies to introduce shows. Remember, "The Walking Dead" is a not a property of Marvel or DC's, as it is owned by Image Comics.

Fairy Tale Market

"Grimm" and "Once Upon a Time" have made an impact on TV. "Mirror Mirror" made a decent impact in the theaters and "Snow White and the Huntsman" is poised to be one of the bigger movies of the year. People are interested in the retelling of fairy tales they grew up with, so the way has been paved for "Grimm Fairy Tales" to have a shot on TV.

Animated Comic Book Shows

There has always been a market for animated shows based on comic books. "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" has the highest following currently, but comic book fans are fans who are always wanting more. Some of the most memorable and popular animated shows of all time such as "Super Friends," "GI Joe," and "Batman Beyond" all had direct ties to the colorful print media. When combined with the other two markets mentioned above, the door is open for "Grimm Fairy Tales."

If "Grimm Fairy Tales" is picked up by a channel, the show would probably air when it could not be watched easily by children. Zenescope's goal is to keep the same adult contest and content of the comic in the TV show. With the lasting success of some of Fox's and Comedy Central's animated shows, fans can see how more mature animated shows can last for many years if done correctly. Hopefully, the same would be able to be said for "Grimm Fairy Tales.

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