'The X-Factor' part 2 premiere recap: Jason Brock and Carly Rose deliver 'wow' moments

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Part two of "The X-Factor" season premiere was a slight improvement over the previous night's episode, featuring two amazing "wow" moments, a creepy stalker guy, and a bevy of "beautiful" people.

Talent not required

There was an eye-rolling display of self importance during a brief segment that featured a vapid, "beautiful" parade of six packs, jocks, tarts, and wannabes, all desperately screaming for attention, and unfortunately, void of any talent.

The most painful was the girl Simon called "'Jersey Shore' meets the Kardashians." She couldn't sing a note, but she did display her considerable "assets." Britney Spears said, "It was really boring," which caused the raven-haired goddess to flip her hair and flash a venomous sneer in Brit's direction. Meow!

Funny and fabulous

After the "I'm too sexy for my shirt" crowd strutted off camera, the real performers took control. Jason Brock, the funny tech support guy, was pure gold. As it turns out, not only is he a blast to watch, the man can really belt it out. His voice is strong and passionate, and he did a rendition of "New York State of Mind" that was a thing of beauty.

Simon Cowell (and his T-shirt) adored him, saying, "You love music, and it shows. I loved the audition," while Britney said, "It was amazing, I was thoroughly entertained."

Stalker alert!

The creep-out moment of the evening came from Patrick, a hard-core Britney Spears fanatic. Mr. Oddball came out carrying a dozen red roses to present to his lady love, but all she could manage to do was give a look of nausea and terror. When Patrick started to sing "Circus," Brit grew more appalled, as did the booing crowd, because not only was he strange, he was a bad singer and dancer.

In a bit of sad humor, Patrick actually critiqued his own performance, saying, "That was a disaster." And he went on to say of Britney's very brief commentary of his act, "The only word she said was 'no.'"

Well, she should have said this word "security!"

The "wow" factor

The blow-your-mind performance came from 13-year-old Carly Rose, who was incredible on Nina Simone's "Feeling Good."

Simon said of Carly, "A star has just walked out on that stage. You have soul," and Demi Lovato told the young songstress, "You are really confident. It's effortless for you."

Why, Simon, why?

In the weeks to come on "The X-Factor," the burning questions remains: Will Simon ever take off that frickin' T-shirt, and what on earth is he eating on national television, and why?!

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