Yes, Deborah Will Find Out Dexter's Dark Secret: 'Dexter' Producer Sara Colleton Reveals Secrets from Season 6 and Beyond

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The sixth season of Showtime's critically acclaimed series "Dexter" will be airing this fall, and the show's executive producer Sara Colleton has dropped some major hints (and spoilers!) that have fans salivating. One of the biggest bombshells? When asked in an interview with TVLine whether Deb would find out her brother's dark secret, she responded, "It will happen."

Here are some of the burning questions fans have had since last season, and excerpts from TVLine's interview with Sara Colleton that shed some light on the subject.

1. Will Deb ever find out about Dexter's "Dark Passenger?"

After the nail-biting Season 5 finale that aired last winter, fans saw Deb comes closer than ever before to seeing her brother's dark side when she cornered Dexter and Lumen in a basement room. While Dexter and Lumen's identities were hidden from Deb by a conveniently placed curtain, fans of the show had to wonder just how long the increasingly-smart Detective Morgan could believably go on without figuring out her brother has a secret nocturnal life.

According to Colleton, "When and how that's going to be handled has not been quite decided, but it will at some point happen." Suffice it to say, we probably won't be seeing the big brother-sister reveal in the upcoming season, but perhaps it will occur in Season 7?

2. Who will Dexter's next love interest be?

In Seasons 1-4, Dexter maintained a relationship with Rita, with a brief dalliance with Lila in Season 2. Last season, Dexter had perhaps his most honest and meaningful relationship to date, with rape victim Lumen Pierce. But with all three of these women now out of his life, will Dexter be involved in a relationship with a new woman this season?

Colleton seems to be saying no. In the interview, she stated: "We've jumped ahead a year and this is now a Dexter who is over Rita's death and over the loss of Lumen. He has realized that the desire to merge his lives is never going to work, so he's compartmentalized things. An intimate relationship is not right for him to have, so he's trying to shut that part of him off because it doesn't lead anywhere that's good for him."

3. How will Dexter continue to find the balance between killing and parenting?

Colleton says that Astor and Cody won't be around this season. They're happy in Orlando with their grandparents. But young Harrison will be making an appearance, says Colleton, explaining, "Harrison is about to start school and Dexter is keenly aware that while he knows what he doesn't want to pass on to his son (namely his Dark Passenger), he has no idea what he should be passing on to him."

How many more good seasons do you think "Dexter" has left? Would you like to see the sixth season be the final season, or do you hope the show goes on indefinitely? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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