Will Ziva Get Married on 'NCIS'?

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For much of Season 8 of the CBS drama "NCIS," fans were aware that NCIS Special Agent Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) was dating a CIA agent named Ray. They grew increasingly close as the season progressed, despite his job taking him far from Ziva for many days at a time, as well as the demands of her own job weighing on their relationship, too.

While Ziva certainly was thrilled to have finally found someone special, there was at least one person who was less than thrilled about this relationship. Ziva's co-worker, Special Agent Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly), has had poorly concealed feelings for Ziva since her introduction to the show back in Season 3. There have been signs that the two may have slept together at some point, although this was never fully revealed.

Whether they slept together or not, there is no denying that the romantic tension between Ziva and Tony is incredibly thick. Innuendos and secretive glances can be found in numerous episodes, and they both have revealed their jealousy over each other's choice of companion at times. Most recently, Tony even gave Ray a speech about how he needed to treat Ziva right.

The Season 8 finale showed Ray giving Ziva a box, which at first Ziva thought must be an engagement ring. Instead, the box was empty, meant to be a promise of a more committed relationship in the future. Ray had to go overseas to work on an assignment, and when he got back he promised they would talk about a future together.

Now if Ray and Ziva do end up tying the knot, certainly this would have some affect on Tony and the unique dynamic between Tony and Ziva. Yet Tony also seems caught up in a rather emotional relationship with Special Agent E.J. Barrett (Sarah Jane Morris). She left NCIS but hasn't left town, which leaves the possibility wide open that these two will continue with their relationship as Season 9 starts up in the fall.

It appears that romantic relationships will play a big role in the early episodes of Season 9. Perhaps even McGee (Sean Murray) will find love, too.

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