Zooey Deschanel: Emmys best night ever exclusive

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LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 11: Zooey Deschanel is seen on location for "New Girl" on October 11, 2011 …

Zooey Deschanel donned pajamas for an adorable Apple commercial in which she asks her iPhone for help finding tomato soup on a rainy day, but she needs no assistance when it comes to getting ready for her best night out at the Emmys. "I don't have any question for Siri," Deschanel told Yahoo!.

Deschanel attended the Emmys last year, but this will be her first round as a nominee (she landed the nod for her "adorkable" portrayal of Jess Day on "New Girl"). She is looking forward to it. "A lot of very exciting people, it's so many people I admire," she said. "It is fun for me to meet all these people because I am a fan of so many of them."

The fashionable actress hasn't laid out any gowns for the big night. "I have thought about the dress a little bit but haven't made any decisions. I hope someone designs something I like!"

She told Yahoo! her wardrobe wish list: "I think it is important to wear something comfortable enough to sit in. Sometimes you see people come in and they are lying down because they can't sit. That is no fun. I have to wear something long because it is the Emmys. You can wear something short any day of the year, but you have to wear a gown that night."

Also up in the air? How she will use her spare ticket: "I haven't decided on my Emmy date yet. I took my sister [Emily Deschanel] to the Golden Globes but she has a baby, so I don't know."  Whoever lands the ticket will be in for an early night, she warns: "I will probably have to be at work the next day. I would be really excited to win, but I care too much about my work to be irresponsible and stay out until 3 a.m."

An Emmy-night highlight from last year was a sweet, festive moment. "They threw confetti last year at the end of the show and that was really fun," she said. Thanks to a nomination, we're betting her 2012 Emmy night will top the confetti toss.

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