‘Community’ Star’s Case of Mistaken Identity

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Tuesday night on "The Late Late Show," actor and Oscar-winning writer Jim Rash sat down with Craig Ferguson to discuss a recurring case of mistaken identity. You might recognize Rash from his role as Dean Panton on NBC's "Community," but you might also know him from his everyday role as Moby’s doppelganger. According to Rash, strangers will call out to him as if he’s Moby. When Rash politely tells them he’s not Moby, they don’t always believe him. Since Moby is a vegan and Rash is not, if you’re ever unsure as to who’s who, just offer to take them to lunch! Who is your celebrity doppelgänger? Tweet your photographic proof to @MCallahanLA using #MyCelebTwin. Or like our new Nighttime in No Time Facebook page and post a photo there.