Star’s Embarrassing Pageant Footage

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Monday night on "Watch What Happens: Live," actress Kristin Chenoweth was surprised by what Andy Cohen had locked away in his vault. He showed some old footage of her participating in a Miss Oklahoma pageant. And, if you listen closely, you can hear the pageant announcer listing Chenoweth’s hobbies. They included dancing, singing, playing the piano, and collecting collections of cows and petite things. Both collections sound like they’d be easy to lose! Cows tend to wander and petite things, well, how small are we talking? Either way, her hobbies helped her win second runner-up. If you created a pageant, what would it be for? Tweet me @MCallahanLA, using #MyOwnPagaent. Or like our new Nighttime in No Time Facebook page and leave us a comment.