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  • William Shatner Arrives in LA, Won’t Discuss Leonard Nimoy Funeral (Video)

    It was a shocker, because earlier in the day the former Captain Kirk on the hit “Star Trek” TV series spent hours on Twitter defending his decision to miss the service for his co-star, explaining that he couldn’t make it because of an earlier commitment to a Red Cross charity function in Palm…

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  • Josh Elliott Talks Decision to Leave ‘GMA’ for NBC, New ‘Dateline’ Disaster Series ‘Escape’

    When Josh Elliott left ABC’s “Good Morning America” nearly a year ago for a post at NBC Sports, the world was stunned.

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  • ‘SNL’ Host Dakota Johnson Has Another Awkward Exchange With Her Famous Parents (Video)

    The former Hollywood couple were on hand to see their daughter, “Fifty Shades” star Dakota Johnson, host NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” this week. Dakota and Melanie caused quite the stir at last Sunday’s Oscar red carpet when Melanie told ABC’s Lara Spencer that she would not be seeing her daughter’s…

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  • Kelly's 'Fashion' Replacement?

    Kelly Osbourne bowed out of E!'s "Fashion Police" on Friday, and two new names have surfaced as possible replacements for the co-host. Khloe Kardashian and NeNe Leakes are being considered to join the show, according to Us Weekly. As for NeNe, the "Real Housewives" alum appeared on "Fashion Police"…

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  • 8 Classic Kids TV Shows Set to Make a Comeback

    Some of your favorite childhood series are about to return to the small screen.

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  • Broadcasters propose FIFA election debate to Blatter, rivals

    Sepp Blatter and his three FIFA presidential election rivals have been invited to participate in a television debate by the BBC and Sky. The London-based broadcasters have written to the candidates proposing a one-hour ''fans' congress'' live on their globally available channels, websites and…

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  • It May Be Speaker John Boehner and the GOP That Do Not Love America

    Rudy, oh dear Mr. Former Mayor, it seems that that you got it all wrong when you accused the president of not loving America. In fact, you were one of the icons that had helped lead America through the tragedy of 9/11.

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  • 8 TV Finales Not to Miss in March

    These are the shows that will wrap up, permanently or temporarily, this month.

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  • How Much Of The U.S. Does China Own? - Testtube Daily Show-AR

    China owns around 1.3 trillion dollars of the United States' debt, but recently Chinese nationals have been heavily investing in different sectors of US economy. So, how much of the US does China own?

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  • William Shatner Defends Absence From Leonard Nimoy's Funeral

    William Shatner has responded to critics who have taken issue with his reason for missing Leonard Nimoy's funeral on Sunday. "I chose to honor a commitment I made months ago to appear at a charitable fundraiser. Shatner attended the 58th International Red Cross Ball at Donald Trump's The Mar-a-Lago…

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  • China's Surprise Viral Hit: An Environmental Documentary

    On Saturday, Chai Jing, a former television journalist from China, released a feature-length documentary film that, unusually for China, took the government to task. Titled Under the Dome, the video featured Chai giving a presentation on stage, using both photographs and slides to examine how…

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  • Jimmy Kimmel Unleashes Expletive-Filled Vaccine PSA

    Jimmy Kimmel delivered a takedown against anti-vaxxers on Thursday's show and topped it off with a PSA featuring real doctors who are so mad they made the spot into a bleep-fest. "I cannot bleeping believe we have to make this PSA," said one doctor, while others complained they had to spend their…

  • Box Office: Will Smith's Focus Takes the Top Spot

    Though it wasn't exactly a blockbuster, Will Smith's Focus easily took first place at the box office this weekend, earning a respectable $19.1 million in its debut, Box Office Mojo reports.

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  • ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ Star Patti Stanger on Celebrity Fix-Ups: ‘No Scrubs Here’ (Video)

    Bravo’s “Millionaire Matchmaker” star Patti Stanger took up the cause of “Drinking With the Stars” with full heart this week when she brought us a few bottles of her new wine to drink as we talked about her veteran Bravo show — which just celebrated its 100th episode. Stanger’s new pursuit in vino…

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  • No, Fox News Didn't Cost DISH Network 90,000 Subscribers

    The Fox News dispute did result in losses, but the 90,000 figure is hard to buy.

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  • Mega Buzz: What's the Deal with Chuck's Disease on Better Call Saul?

    Little has been said on Better Call Saul about what exactly is ailing Jimmy McGill's older brother Chuck. Though there have been clues -- including Chuck (Michael McKean) freaking out about Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) having a cell phone in the house and Chuck's space blanket-aided encounter with the…

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  • John Ridley, ‘American Crime’ Cast Talk Their Own Crime Fantasies

    If John Ridley were to commit a crime, he would want to do it in style. “Something like ‘Ocean’s Eleven,’ where I could hang out with a bunch of really good-looking people in great clothes in Vegas just having a great time,” he said. “American Crime,” Ridley’s new series on ABC, has rendered him…