What if 'Thrones' Was a Family-Friendly Comedy?

Prime Time In No Time Videos
When you watch "Game of Thrones," it's safe to say you'll never confuse the violent and dark drama for a lighthearted family comedy. But what if, for example, Arya and her amoral caretaker, Hound, were suddenly a comedy odd-couple? By changing the music and adding a little laugh track, it's amazing how you can turn the TV-MA series into a family friendly romp! And if this works out, we can't wait to see other dramas turned into comedies: "Feeling Nucky" (the story of "Boardwalk Empire's" Nucky Thompson when he dates two women at the same time) as well as "Californi-vacation" (David Duchovny takes his entire dysfunctional family on a wacky road trip). HBO and Showtime, we hope you're not listening because this would be a terrible idea!!!