30 Rock

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Originally Aired Jan 31, 2013

Liz embarks on her journey as a working mother, rallying the team to produce one final farewell production. Meanwhile, Kenneth is now the head of the network, and Jack's search for happiness leads him to his best idea yet.

  • The Downfall of the NBC Comedy

    'Parks and Rec' is gone, and now it's time to ask: What has become of a once great comedy lineup on NBC?

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  • Will Parks and Recreation Be the Last Great NBC Comedy?

    The signal was clear as early as 2013, when 30 Rock went off the air, but now it’s official: NBC is out of the comedy business. In a way, this has been coming for 10 years or more, ever since NBC stopped branding its Thursday night broadcast slate as “Must See TV.” Indisputably the most successful…

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