Originally Aired May 22, 2006

Part two of the Series Finale. Vaughn finds Sydney unconscious at the bottom of the ice cave. He revives her, then heand Sydney devise a plan to locate Sloan and his team. They are able to capture Peyton and, using snakes, get her to tell where Sloan is. The team finds Sloan in Rambaldi's tomb, holding a spherical artifact that Peyton had accquirred in Hong Kong from someone in exchange for war missles. Sydney takes the artifact from Sloan. Sloan shoots Jack in the chest, and then Sydney shoots and kills Sloan, who falls into a strange tub of liquid inside the tomb. Sark grabs the sphere and takes it. The team finds out that the person with the war missles in Hong Kong is none other than Irina. She is using the missiles to attack Washington DC and London. Jack, who is dying, convinces Sydney and Vaughn to leave him and stop Irina. Vaughn finds Sark, who has already given the artifact to Irina, and makes him tell the code to abort the missles. Sydney confronts her mother, who explains that by using the artifact in the tomb, you can live forever. Irina attacks Sydney, but in an attempt to get the artifact, which has rolled away, she crashes through glass and dies. Sloan, having used the artifact in the tomb before being shot, now rises from the dead. Jack, who has almost bled to death, walks into the tomb with explosives. Sloan explains that the explosives can not kill him. Jack sets off the explosives anyway, killing himself... but trapping Sloan underground forever.