Originally Aired May 22, 2006

Part one of the Series Finale. Pictures of all twelve members of Prophet Five are accquired. Thomas visits Rachel in the middle of the night and they kiss. Rachel invites him to stay and talk, but he leaves. Immediately after, she and Marshall are kidnapped by Sloan who holds them both hostage in order to discover a secret location. Carrie, who is finally told that Marshall works for the CIA, is brought in to help locate the two hostages. After they are saved, Marshall and Rachel tell the team where Sloan was headed. Sydney finds Sloan inside an ice cave. He asks her to join him and save herself, but she refuses. He shoots at the ice under her feet, causing her to fall through the ice, right as he is about to do something with the amulet. Meanwhile, Kelley Peyton meets with Prophet 5, claiming she has the amulet, and instead kills them all. We learn that there is a bomb in the subway under APO. Thomas is able to locate it and keep it from going off before all the civilians are evacuated...but not long enough for him to escape. He tells Rachel, on her earpiece, that he would have loved to ask her out if they had more time. Then the bomb explodes.