Big Brother 11


Originally Aired Sep 15, 2009

After winning the second leg of the Head of Household (HoH) competition, Jordan has power over Natalie and discusses a final two strategy with Kevin. Jordan lies to Kevin and tells him that she will be taking him to the end and then reassures Natalie that she will choose her for the final two. Kevin doubts his ability to win against Jordan or Natalie, despite his success in the competitions. Host Julie Chen talks to Jordan, Natalie and Kevin about what they will miss about the house. At the Jury House, Michele shows up and talks to the other jury members about Natalie's "Pandora's Box" incident and other goings-on in the Big Brother house. The jury members discuss the potential finalists. For the final HoH competition, Jordan and Kevin have to complete statements made by members of the jury. Jordan wins the tiebreaker question and chooses Natalie to go with her to the final two. Julie Chen talks to Kevin about his strategy in the game and what will influence his decision tonight. The jury members ask Jordan and Natalie questions about their work in the game. Jordan and Natalie make their final statements and the jury locks in their votes. Julie Chen locks in America's vote. Early evictees Ronnie, Braden, Casey and Laura discuss some of the moments in the house they watched from home. The votes are revealed and Jordan is the winner. Jeff wins $25,000 for being voted America's favorite player.