Dirty Sexy Money

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Originally Aired Aug 08, 2009

After being stabbed by Nola, the badly wounded Simon is secretly taken to the Imperial to recuperate. While there, Nick forces Simon to reveal how he is controlling Nola and why he had her prosecute Letitia for Dutch's murder. Entanglements arise with Nick and the pregnant Karen's budding romance when it's revealed that his ex-wife, Lisa, is writing a tell-all book about the Darlings. Meanwhile, Nola bids a tearful goodbye to Jeremy while she goes off to get her brother; but Simon's nurse, Daphne, hopes to heal his broken heart. In other developments, Patrick wants his involvement with Dana Whatley to go to the next level, but that is not something her husband, Congressman Whatley, agreed to. Brian, who is still sharing Nick's apartment with him, is frustrated with its decor and decides to give it an extreme home makeover.

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