Easy Money


Originally Aired Aug 16, 2009

Morgan confronts Bobette about her manipulation of Julia. This time, Julia can't easily reconcile what Morgan does; his work for Prestige may have taken its final toll on her. Bobette won't own up to her schemes, but instead pushes Morgan to help out Prestige borrowers (and marijuana growers) Dan and Melody McBride. Detective Yapp has shaken down the McBrides, so they're too deep in the hole to pay Prestige. Morgan approaches Yapp to cut a deal, but Yapp is in financial trouble himself. Spread too thin between his wife and his girlfriend Tiffany, Yapp makes Morgan break things off for him with the latter. Morgan suspects Yapp has stolen Julia's DNA database from her campus lab, an allegation Yapp denies. Meanwhile, Bobette joins Brandy at Madison's bridal shower, where they receive a chilly reception from Larissa Conroy and Madison's mother, Bonnie. What's worse, Bobette finds a conniving debtor, Emmy Aldridge in attendance, and goes to great lengths to discredit her in front of the other guests. Though Cooper is now worried about his troubles with wife Cherise, he and Roy spend an otherwise leisurely day waiting for Peepaw, who visits a local "rub n' tug."